Alert: New Subsidy: Smart Scheme (SLIM-regeling)!

Hey there, entrepreneur! Interested in broadening your knowledge to keep up with the Joneses? Of course you are! This week, we present to you a brand new subsidy which could increase your knowledge in the agricultural, hospitality and recreational sectors: the Smart Scheme (SLIM-regeling in Dutch). What is this all about, are you eligible and how can you get this subsidy? Read on to find out!

Would you like more information?

“Tell me more about this subsidy”

The Smart Scheme is not your ordinary subsidy. In Dutch, it stands for the Stimulation of learning and development in SMEs (Stimulering Leren en ontwikkelen In MKB-ondernemingen). However, it doesn’t refer to just any SMEs. The point of this subsidy is to help personnel in the agricultural, hospitality and recreational sectors, which are often said to be highly season-dependent, gain extra knowledge to ensure their employability year-round. Additionally, the idea is that employers in SMEs often have less money, time or knowledge to ensure that employees’ skills in the three sectors mentioned stay up-to-date. That’s why the Dutch government came up with the Smart Scheme; this way, learning and development will be stimulated even in the SMEs! 

“Am I eligible?”

Now that we’ve sparked your interest, you might be asking what the eligibility criteria of this subsidy are. Here goes:

  1. You, the subsidy applicant; must be an SME, a large company in either the agricultural, hospitality or the recreational sector, or a partnership

  2. R&D funds, employers’ associations, sector organizations, employees’ associations and educational institutions may all apply for this subsidy

  3. The subsidy must be used to receive career advice (in the case of employees), to set up a business school or to keep the skills of employees up-to-date.

“How can I apply for this subsidy?”

The first thing to keep in mind here is that you’ll only be able to get this subsidy starting March 2020. But don’t worry; we, MK Subsidy, could prepare your subsidy application right now so that you won’t have to worry about missing the deadline later – we’ll make sure that your application gets read first! Below you will find a summary of the application time frames and subsidy amounts per sector:

  1. SMEs: Apply between the 2nd March – 31st March 2020, 5PM. Up to €24.999 available!

  2. Large companies (in either of the three sectors): Apply between the 1st April – 30th June 2020, 5PM. Up to €24.999 available!

  3. Partnerships: Apply between the 1st April – 30th June 2020, 5PM. Up to €500.000 available!

It would be a great shame if you, the entrepreneur, would miss this great chance to expand your knowledge about the most recent trends in your sector. The consequences of this could be numerous, such as not being able to keep your job in the long-term or being able to keep your job only seasonally. Who would want to face those complications? That’s right – nobody. So get down to it, introduce yourself and let’s begin applying for this subsidy in advance so that you’d get a higher chance of getting this subsidy. Or is this subsidy not the one you’re looking for? That’s fine – check out our subsidy page or take our subsidy quiz to find your match! Alternatively, contact us to get insight into your subsidy options right now. Either way, don’t miss this great chance of becoming a smarter you!

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