An evening to remember

Last Thursday was a special one for MK Subsidy. Why? We hosted a Liquor tasting event in Dordrecht. What was it about? Read on!

“The evening began in a small room with dimmed lights and champagne.”

Bastiaan Kleiberg, the CEO & Co-Founder of MK Subsidy, has presented some numbers showing the dynamic growth of the company and all the newcomers that have joined in the last quarter were introduced as well. Though this event was an invitation-only event, it was nice and cozy, because (almost) everybody knew each other already. However, it was also the event’s atmosphere that made it cozy. The evening began in a small room with dimmed lights and champagne. Everybody was dressed smart, casually networking and eating cheese or other appetizers. The mellow atmosphere has simply taken over the guests, because a lot of laughter and smiles were witnessed. After the first half hour of networking and catching up with business, the CEO began the program by a powerful opening speech. Then, a couple of new employees have introduced themselves and finally, the owner of the liquor tasting location has enlightened us about the history of the building.

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“The taste of the liquors was very mild, though the smell was rather strong.”

Next, it was liquor tasting time! Every liquor had a rich history and so a rich taste. The favorite flavor on our table turned out to be the celery gin (highly recommended)! Though the taste was very mild, you wouldn’t tell just by sniffing onto it as its smell was rather strong. During the tasting, everybody became more relaxed and business wasn’t the mostly discussed topic anymore. Everybody was chit-chatting about the alcohol!

Shortly after that, it was dinner time. Everyone could choose whichever food to eat and whether to drink beer or wine. As the sun went down, the atmosphere continued to be very relaxed.

“What are the most relevant subsidies for FinTech companies?”

What followed were the speeches. The attendees comprised of internal employees of MK Subsidy, our consultants (both in-house and those working remotely), and our speakers. The theme of the two speeches was FinTech (Financial Technology). One speaker was Michael Brooijmans from Holland FinTech (a FinTech ecosystem company) and the other one was Michiel Stokman from RevenYOU (a trading app startup).

While Brooijman has introduced the theme of FinTech by explaining what it’s all about and what kind of areas FinTech covers, Stokman has promoted his startup in a very interactive and fun way. At the end, both Brooijman and Stokman have asked our consultants to compile a list of the most relevant subsidies that FinTech companies or trading startups could find attractive. This way, everybody was engaged throughout the whole evening.

“You should join us too next time!”

To sum up, this event has been a pleasure to attend. With a powerful opening, Bastiaan Kleiberg has shown everyone that MK Subsidy is truly a sui generis type of subsidy office. The liquors have eased the atmosphere a bit and by the end of dinner, everyone had a smile on their face. You should join too, next time! Contact us if you’d like to become one of our consultants or if you’d want to become our partner and present your company at our future events. We’re looking forward to having another fun time!

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