Bierens: “Start your successful innovative journey by applying for subsidies now!”

The MK Subsidy Community is proudly introducing one of the very first interviews with our consultants. Twan Bierens, an all-round consultant with 14 years of experience, has a lot of interesting milestones to share. So, who is he, what is his specialisation, and what does he think of working at MK Subsidy?

Twan Bierens specializes in private, governmental and NGO subsidies available on the national and regional scale. It hence seems that he’s got a lot of insight into the majority types of subsidies available in The Netherlands! If you’re an entrepreneur looking for this kind of funding, don’t hesitate to pitch your project to him! Who knows, maybe you’ll make a great success story together.

As a consultant, why work at MK Subsidy?

How did Bierens come across MK Subsidy, why has he chosen to work here? He chose MK Subsidy, “because that’s a new way to get new projects, new clients, etc.,” he replied simply. The truth is, Bierens is an owner of a small subsidy company that’s now a part of the MK Subsidy Community, which gives him and his team a lot more leads to work on. It’s a win-win situation. Bierens and his subsidy team get a lot more projects and we (MK Subsidy) get to use their brain power to address diverse subsidy demands. However, there’s much more to collaborating with MK Subsidy.

What Bierens loves about his job is that he can work on as many projects as he can manage and also, MK Subsidy feels like a community. The consultants don’t compete against each other – they work together to yield the best results. Isn’t that the obvious goal of a community – to exchange knowledge, ideas and projects? Well in MK Subsidy’s case it is and we’re mastering it! For instance, if there is someone with a specific expertise being offered a project that they cannot address, they can swiftly delegate it to another consultant with more experience in the given field. In exchange, they get another project that suits them better. This way, we ensure that our clients always get tailored feedback and advice on their projects. As you can tell, our motto is about yielding first-class results!

Inspiring projects an MK Subsidy consultant works on

What is Bierens currently occupied with; who is he helping? Sea Rangers is a Dutch startup founded in 2016. They are developing a new kind of concept; designing a boat from sustainable materials and setting up a bootcamp program to train people fast and inexpensively to become sea rangers. What’s the point of this? Bierens claims that since there is an overall shortage of people working at sea, more people need to be trained to contribute to the prosperity of the maritime sector. As you can see, at MK Subsidy, we mainly support projects developing a solution to some of the global challenges we currently face. Are you one of our next clients? We’ll be happy to hear about how YOU want to make the world a better place!

During the interview, Bierens was also asked to describe his favorite project that he’s worked on. 2Tango was named as one of his favorite projects. Their goal is to make autistic people feel more integrated in the society by designing a software technology co-developed with hardware (e.g. a smartphone or a smartwatch). As most know, autism is a condition when people have communicating and interaction problems with others. With the help of 2Tango devices, during a conversation between someone autistic and others, audio is detected and the computer joins the conversation using high-tech and AI. If there comes a point when the autistic person suddenly ‘freezes’ and doesn’t know what to say, the computer gives them words and sentences to choose from so that the conversation doesn’t come to a standstill. With the help of Bierens, this idea won a EUR 200,000 subsidy, so there is no doubt that it’s an idea worth investing in!

Bierens’ golden tip for entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a subsidy or an advice for your project? Then you’re in the right place. Bierens claims that you should start applying for subsidies as soon as possible. He sees many people making the mistake of treating MK Subsidy as a kind of a last resort. In other words, many entrepreneurs apply for a subsidy when they already have a product on the market and are figuring ways how to scale up. Bierens’ golden tip is that as soon as you get an idea for a business, you need to act. Do something about it, don’t just sit there. Start your successful innovative journey now by pitching your project to our consultants and get a subsidy of your choice!

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