Case Arenar: the smart headband

iBand+ “EEG brain sensing and health tracking device”

Arenar has developed a headband, with smart EEG detection of brain activity and health tracking, which improves sleep, improves and stimulates lucid dreaming naturally with audiovisual techniques.

The band follows the sleep cycle, exercise, heart rate and body temperature, intelligently adjusts the music and volume while you fall asleep. Once asleep, iBand+ turns off the music. The device then gently applies white noise that will mask distractions and ensure healthy sleep. In addition, iBand + has the most advanced smart alarm feature where you gradually wake up with simulated natural sunlight and sounds during the most optimal period of the sleep cycle, so you wake up well rested.


The global potential of the product is very large. Because of the competition and rapid technological developments in e-health, Arenar will have to develop the iBands + quickly and bring it to the market. Financing for these steps is necessary.


At the beginning of 2017 MK – The Subsidy Community spoke for the first time with the founders of Arenar. We first advised the organization on setting up the legal structure and protecting the intellectual property. Because of the required speed, we immediately submitted applications to the MIT scheme and WBSO. We then drew up a grant scan and started several applications.


There is now funding for technological development and a feasibility study for the technological and economic impact of the iBand +. In a management summary, the subsidy options are presented and various (European) applications are started. As a result, the headband that stimulates sleep and dreams through measurements via various sensors can become reality sooner.

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