Case The Things Network

LoRaWan technology for an open source infrastructure

The Things Network launched the first open, free to use crowd sourced IOT data network in the world in 2015.

The Things Network uses the Long Range Low Power Wide Area Network called LoRaWan. To use The Things Network, users do not need an access code or subscription, such as WiFi or 4G. Meanwhile The Things Network together with the connected communities already facilitates full network coverage in more than 100 cities worldwide.


In order to facilitate the new LoRaWan technology worldwide, The Things Network offers an open source infrastructure with self-developed hardware and software solutions. In order to be able to realize this multi-year plan of developments itself and to be able to set up various demonstration pilots, The Things Network is looking for financing and cooperation partners.


Since 2015, MK – The Subsidy Community has been supporting The Things Network in its activities through the search for funding and funding opportunities and partnerships. MK – The Subsidy Community is aware of the developments and plans of the organization through frequent update interviews. With the ongoing subsidy research, MK – The Subsidy Community has been able to identify and utilize various subsidy opportunities. MK – The Subsidy Community wrote the subsidy applications for them, connecting also cooperation partners from MK’s own network. MK – The Subsidy Community also supports the organization and running of the project administration by means of interim update interviews with The Things Network and its project partners.


With subsidy research, writing applications and supporting the administrative obligations, MK – The Subsidy Community gives The Things Network the opportunity to focus primarily on the development of the organization and its worldwide pioneering innovations. The subsidy projects awarded do not only provide a financial boost, but also provide access to new networks of financiers, potential users and partners from the government and the business community.