Are you spending a lot of time on administering your subsidy projects?

With the Customer Community of M & K you can easily manage your hours and technical documents. In this way you will always have insight into the status of your innovation processes, you save time with your administration and are ready for a check at any time. Want to know more about using this app? Plan a call appointment directly.

Why join the Customer Community?

Easily view the status of subsidy applications

With the Customer Community, you can view the status of your innovative applications. Through a dashboard on your desktop, it is possible to see at which stage your applications are at. As a manager of the innovative project, you can analyze how many hours have been worked per employee and how many have been administered. This way, you are always up-to-date about the most recent actions around your project.


Save time on your administrative obligations and get rid of the overall bureaucratic hassle

From our experience, administration that you have to share with the subsidy provider takes a lot of struggle. With a simple app, you can now save a lot of time! By starting the timer at the start of your work, you don’t have to pay extra costs and effort afterwards.

Spotlessly through subsidy checks

The subsidy provider obliges you to keep a good overview of all your administration. Good administration provides simple and clear insight per project into the nature, content, progress and scope of the work carried out. It is also necessary to keep track of the days, the number of hours per day worked and the project that an employee has worked on. This is what you can now easily take care of! Through using an app and keeping your administration neat, you are always ready for a subsidy check and you avoid potential disappointments * during the control process.

*If errors occur in your administration, your S & O contribution will be adjusted. In addition to this, the RVO can impose a fine. The tax authorities check your declarations and they also check whether the S & O statement was settled.

Desktop environment

Are you a manager and do you want to know how long has each employee spent on a project? The desktop environment allows you to analyze this. You can also change, fill in or delete the hours that have been administered before. As a manager, you can also see the projects that the employees are working on.