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MK works for organizations that innovate, grow and create impact in the world. We specialize in subsidy management, – research and the application for subsidies.

About us

MK specializes in subsidies for technology companies. In addition, we provide assistance in the field of subsidies to universities, foundations and other institutes and companies. We provide support for subsidies within the themes: Innovation, Sustainability, International Business, Personnel Subsidies and more.

Our team consists of technical and business administrative consultants. Next to years of experience, we have knowledge of the latest technological developments and the policy plans of the subsidy providers. This way, we can assist you and your organization in growing and creating even more impact.

Meet us

1. Business analysis

As part of an initial business analysis, we stick our heads together with your organization and various experts. This way, we map out the business plan, the future of R&D and the investment plans. We do this to form a first picture of your organization. After that, we perform a thorough subsidy scan and provide extensive desk research. Our specialists will use this analysis to provide you with insights into the various financing options.

2. Report financing options

After the business analysis, we will provide you with insight into the possibilities. We do this by means of a report with the financing options and a sound advice. We will also clarify the complexity and administrative conditions of these financing options. Then, based on this report, we will identify the most attractive subsidies and financing options for your organization.

3. Apply

When a clear picture of the possible subsidies and financing options is formed, applications will follow. To get the optimal return from subsidies, it is necessary to present your plans in a proper way. Based on the available information, we will start preparing the request for the subsidy. We will make our network of specialists available for additional services such as applying for patents, crowdfunding and credits.

4. Subsidy management

The created plans serve as a basis for the financing applications. We will manage this entire process for you. We take care of the preparation of the applications, as well as the communication with the various subsidy providers and financers. In addition, we will proactively and personally guide your organization in setting up the administrative organization. MK has various tools available for this, such as a customer portal and mobile application.


Our organization was founded in 2009 by Willem Maas and Bastiaan Kleiberg. They both have experience in subsidy consultancy, combined with a technical and business administrative background. MK was founded in Rotterdam and we now have subsidy specialists in various countries who can support you with subsidy applications.


MK is your partner in the field of innovation and financing. We have collaborative agreements with various partners in order to be of good service to your organization. Think of Investment Funds, Lenders, Crowdfunding, Patent Attorneys and Innovation Specialists. We do everything we can to help grow your organization and arrange financing for you!

Why MK?

Knowledge and Network

Our network exclusively exists of senior subsidy consultants with 5+ years of experience who have the right knowledge and skills. This way, we can provide you with the best service and guarantee high quality.

Highest Success Rates

We are among the top Dutch subsidy advisors and have an exceptionally high success rate. That is why we can work on the basis of "No cure No pay".

Digital Innovations

Digital innovations, such as a customer portal and mobile applications, for insights in your projects and subsidies.

Our team of specialists

Bastiaan Kleiberg

CEO / Partner

Willem Maas

CCO / Partner

Ad Linsen


Niek Schipper

Business Developer

Esmay van der Giesen

Business Developer

Julia Verschoor

Business Developer

Michiel Vos


Jan-Willem van Asperen


Laurens Steenhoven


Channah Stark


Anuwaz Jhingoeri

Product Owner UX/UI

Ranjan Prajapati

ICT Configurer

Nikola Djurendic


Niels Verwoert


Liselotte Looman

Personal Assistant

Ruth Graper


Maurice van Neck


Titiana Didu


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Justus Krahnefeld

Business Developer