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Digital Culture Sub-scheme

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Digital Culture Sub-scheme

Receive a grant for research, experiments, knowledge exchange, publications, media production and more to promote digital culture in the Netherlands.

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Culture budget 2020

€ 1.200.000

What is the Digital Culture sub-scheme?

The Stimulation Fund uses the Digital Culture sub-scheme to stimulate projects that contribute to the development, professionalization, and quality of Dutch culture. By stimulating research, experiments, and reflection in a designing way in the field of digital culture for organizations, game developers, and independent makers, the scheme hopes to strengthen digital culture in the Netherlands. The budget for 2020 is € 1.200.000 and will be divided into four rounds over the year.

Project types

The subsidy is aimed at designers, makers, and game developers within the digital culture. The types of projects applicants can undertake with the Digital Culture sub-scheme includes an experiment, research, new media production, development, interaction design and gameplay, and its presentation. In addition, there is the possibility to finance projects aimed at knowledge exchange, public interest and publications focused on the reflection and analysis of digital culture with the digital culture sub-scheme.

Budget Digital culture

As previously mentioned, the budget for the Digital Culture sub-scheme in 2020 is € 1.200.000. There are four rounds over the year in which this amount is distributed:

  • The first round was on January 22, 2020, with a total budget of € 300.000
  • Second round was on April 15, 2020, with another budget of € 300.000
  • The third round is on August 12, 2020, with a budget of € 400.000
  • The fourth round is on October 7, 2020, with a budget of € 400.000

The rounds of August 12 and October 7 have been increased by € 100.000 because of the impact that the corona-crisis also has on this industry.

The amount of contribution you can receive depends on various factors such as degree of co-financing, and reasonableness. No minimum has been set for the subsidy contribution from the Stimulation Fund, so small-scale projects can also receive a contribution.

A starting grant of € 7.500 is offered for the phase prior to the implementation of a research project.

Objectives of the Digital Culture Sub-scheme

The most important condition that applications must meet is the contribution to the quality, professionalization, and development of Dutch culture. Several policy objectives have been set by the fund, whereby it is imperative that projects achieve a targeted objective:

  • Promote crossovers and experiments
  • Strengthening the international position of design sectors
  • Promote professionalization of design practice and commissioning
  • Promotion of public activities and social engagement
  • Promote artistic quality and talent development
  • Stimulation of research, analysis, and reflection

In addition, the committee of external advisers lookout for several important components whilst checking the application: relevance, action plan, substantive & financial support, the expertise of the parties involved, and the consistency between all parts.

Applications for the Digital Culture scheme

The next round is on August 12 and a budget of € 400.000 will be distributed. Applications are reviewed and ranked according to the three criteria: impact, excellence, and the extent to which a project is part of a longer chain of projects. The highest-rated positive applications will receive the requested subsidy as long as the total of these does not exceed the subsidy ceiling. You will be notified of the decision no more than ten weeks after the closing date.

To be sure that you meet all conditions and components, it is wise to seek help from an external party such as MK. With knowledge and experience about technological developments, subsidies, communication with subsidy providers, and, among other things, the administration involved, you have more certainty that your application will be accepted.

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