What can MK do for you?

At MK, we are constantly working on providing the optimal subsidy research and management. For example, we have brought together several subsidy advisors to support each other and to transfer knowledge about current subsidies and technological developments. Become part of the community to share knowledge with other advisors and self-employed professionals.

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We are an organization with numerous specialists who can assist the customer with subsidy research, subsidy management, applying for subsidies and everything that belongs to the world of subsidies. Are you a specialist with such talents? Then join our community and make use of the network, the knowledge of others and share your own knowledge and experience with other specialists. You are most welcome! The platform that we have built over the years ensures that you can do your work smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, you no longer have to do acquisition yourself. We will arrange this for you!

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The advantages of our platform

Freelance with colleagues

Colleagues with expertise that you can rely on. Fast communication between specialists within the network.

Wide range

New clients without having to make an acquisition. Also in the quiet periods.

Subsidy updates

Use the community to share knowledge with other subsidy advisors.

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Subsidy advice for various organizations

MK specializes in subsidy advice for technology companies. We provide support within the themes: Innovation, Sustainability, International Business and Personnel Subsidies and more.

In addition to subsidy research and management, we have specialists who can help you with innovation support, applying for subsidies and everything else that has to do with subsidies. Think of the extensive administration or the realization of a project.

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Consultant speaking

Twan Bierens – Consultant

“Always colleagues from the field you can fall back on. Fast communication within the platform between specialists. I also like that within MK I can find everything I need. It is a great group of people and have so much experience within the In 10 years they have brought the subsidy landscape to such an unprecedented level that they are one of the largest in the industry. “

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