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80% of your consultancy costs reimbursed to minimize the impact of your international activities due to consequences of the Corona crisis as an SME

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Consultancy costs reimbursed

€ 2.500

What is the Kickstartvoucher?

Have you been hit by your international activities as an SME due to the Corona crisis? With the Kickstartvoucher you receive a discount on the use of an external consultant. This consultant can help you set up a step-by-step plan to limit the consequences for your company. The online voucher accounts for 80% of the costs of the advisor of your choice, with a maximum of € 2.500 excluding VAT. The voucher can be applied for from 26 June 2020 with a total budget of € 3.450.000 for the same year.

Who can use the Kickstartvoucher?

The Kickstartvoucher is not available to everyone. To apply for the voucher, you are:

  • A Dutch SME company
  • Located in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom: Bonaire, Saba, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustasius and Curaçao
  • Already active abroad or if you have performed international activities

What can you use the Kickstartvoucher for?

You can use the Kickstartvoucher to get advice from an external advisor to limit the consequences of the Corona crisis on your business as much as possible. This consultant can help you improve international production, logistics processes and/or the supply chain. In addition, they can help draw up a new international marketing sales plan, investigate innovative international revenue models such as digitization or remotely regulate the organization around process management and money matters.

Conditions Kickstartvoucher

One Kickstartvoucher per SME is issued. Unless your SME is part of a group, then it is a maximum of 1 voucher for the entire group. In addition, there are a number of requirements for the consultant who is called in:

  • The external expert works for or at a consultancy firm with an international network
  • The external expert has recent knowledge and/or experience related to the purpose of the application
  • The external expert has at least an HBO working and thinking level
  • The external expert guides or advises SMEs in the field of international business for at least 3 years

Furthermore, the voucher cannot be used for accommodation and travel costs, services that you standard or regularly need, and your own hours spent on the advisory process. MK is an experienced subsidy consultancy with experience and knowledge of international business and the acquisition of subsidies. If you are looking for a good advisor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Kickstartvoucher budget

A joint budget has been established for the Kickstartvouchers, Brexit vouchers, and the vouchers of the Starters International Business scheme. This budget is set at € 3,450,000 for 2020.

Apply for the Kickstartvoucher

It was already stated that the Kickstartvoucher can be applied for from 26 June 2020. To apply for the voucher, there are a number of steps that you have to go through:

  • First, you look for a suitable advisor for your question. Then you ask the consultant for a CV and a quote because the quote specifically states which services will be provided by the consultant and what each part costs. After receiving the quote, you have one month to apply for the Kickstartvoucher

Applications for the Early Phase Financing

You can apply for the VFF all year round, so there is no hard deadline to meet. However, there is a limited budget and if this runs out during the year, it is therefore no longer possible to receive financing via the VFF. Applications for the Early Phase Financing are processed in chronological order and have a decision period of up to 13 weeks. In these 13 weeks, the VFF advisory committee will check whether you meet the above requirements. You apply for the loan at the RVO if you are an SME entrepreneur or innovative starter and at the TTW if you are an academic starter. In both cases MK can help you to submit this application as correctly and completely as possible. This gives you a higher chance of success and you can start researching your idea in the market with your company.

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