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LIFE Program

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LIFE Programme

LIFE program offers financing up to € 12 million for projects that fit within the European nature, climate, and environmental policy.

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Minimum available budget

€ 500.000.000

What is the LIFE Program?

The European LIFE program is a subsidy that supports projects that fit within the European nature, climate, and environmental policy. The LIFE program is available for governments, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), companies & knowledge institutions, and applications opened on the 2nd of April 2020 to applications by submitting a project proposal. Within the LIFE program, there are two sub-programs, Environment, and Climate Action. Besides the subprograms, you must pick which form of financing fits your project best. The financing forms are explained below.

Traditional projects:

Your organization focuses on one specific problem within the subjects: nature, climate, or environment. The budget in 2019 was € 400 million and the project costs exceed € 1 million. LIFE subsidizes up to 55% of the total project budget and a maximum of 75% for the sub-program Environment.

Integral projects:

This is a collaboration between national governments to collaborate and other organizations. This form of financing is suitable for developing integrated/strategic plans to tackle environmental/climate problems. The budget is € 79.2 million for the environmental program and € 16 million for the climate program. A maximum of 60% is subsidized by LIFE with a budget of € 8 to € 12 million per project, with a duration of 4 to 8 years. An integrated project must involve at least one other EU subsidy program in addition to LIFE. There is a maximum of 2 integrated environmental projects and 1 integrated climate project per EU country.

Support for NGO’s:

Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that are active in the environmental & climate branches can apply for the LIFE program for operational and administrative costs once every two years. These costs are reimbursed up to 60% with a maximum of €700.000 per NGO per year.

Preparatory projects:

This form is available for parties who want to contribute to the climate and environmental policy. The budget for this is € 10.5 million for the entire EU for the duration of 4 years and a maximum of 60% of the eligible costs will be covered by LIFE.

Technical support projects:

The last project is designed to prepare integrated projects for governments. An integrated project must be submitted one year after the technical support project. You can receive a maximum grant of €100.000 and LIFE subsidizes up to 60% of the total costs.

Terms of the LIFE program

The chance of success of the subsidy application depends on the quality of the application. There is a lot of competition for the LIFE program. To have a chance of receiving a LIFE grant, the application must meet all the criteria. Previous experiences show that project proposals with above-average scores are chosen to submit a full proposal and receive a contribution. To make sure you receive a contribution, check these tips:

  • Clearly describe each expense, partner and added value for the EU and make a timeline with a budget indication for each action
  • Estimate the budget correctly, it may only deviate 10% from the full proposal phase
  • Make sure it is a new, innovative project that is worthy of receiving money from the EU

Apply for the LIFE program

As mentioned earlier, applications are open on April 2nd, 2020. Due to the competition and budget being large, the LIFE program is difficult to obtain. The application must be innovative, but also meet a huge list of requirements. It is recommended to engage an external party for this so that they can manage the project, administration, and communicate with the subsidy providers. This is exactly what we do at MK, we specialize in innovation support, financing, and subsidy management.