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MIT Subsidy for SMEs

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MIT Subsidy for SMEs

The MIT subsidy provides support to SMEs that set up innovative projects.

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Available amount of subsidy

€ 200.000

MIT – SME Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors

The MIT grant provides support to SMEs setting up innovative projects. With this subsidy, the government stimulates the development of projects that connect with one or more themes of the Top Sectors. This subsidy scheme consists of three instruments, each of which can be applied for for your project.

Top sectors:
  • Agri & amp; Food
  • Chemistry & amp; Energy including Biobased
  • Creative Industry
  • High-tech Systems & amp; Materials and ICT
  • Life Science & amp; Health
  • Logistics
  • Horticulture & amp; Starting materials
  • Water

R&D cooperation project great

A large R&D collaboration project differs from an R&D collaboration project on several points. A large R&D collaboration project can be submitted by a collaboration of SME entrepreneurs. The subsidy amount is a minimum of € 200,000 and a maximum of € 350,000 per innovation project, of which a minimum of € 75,000 and a maximum of € 200,000 per participant.

Feasibility study – MIT Subsidy

The feasibility study tool maps out the economic and technical opportunities of the innovation project to be carried out. The feasibility study mainly consists of desk research, patent research, evaluation of the available technology and potential partners and market research. The grant consists of 40% of the eligible costs, which amounts to € 20,000 per feasibility study.

R&D cooperation project

Another instrument of the MIT subsidy is the R&D collaboration project. It must be a collaboration between at least two SME entrepreneurs and the project must be linked to the Top Sectors. Cooperation between companies often focuses on the development of a product or its innovation, but it can also be a service or a production process. The partnership should be balanced, meaning that one partner may cover up to 70% of the costs. The subsidy for an R&D collaboration project consists of 35% of the eligible costs, which can amount to € 200,000 subsidy per project. The application will be assessed on the basis of its quality, and we are happy to assist you as subsidy specialists.

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