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MK works for organizations that innovate, grow and create impact in the world.
We specialize in subsidy management, – research and subsidy applications.

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Subsidy research

By means of a business analysis, we test your projects among the various subsidy providers. The result of a subsidy research is a report in which we advise you on the various options.

Subsidy management

Subsidy management means taking over and managing all tasks related to subsidies for your organization. We take care of both the application for the subsidy and the communication with the subsidy provider.

Subsidy Applications

Ultimately, subsidies are about applying for them. No money without a proper request. It is of utmost importance that this is done very well, so that the chance of success is as high as possible.

Our Success Stories

Many other companies have already preceded you and we have assisted them in their subsidy needs. Read about our cases and discover what we can do for you.

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