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The SLIM Scheme

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The SLIM Scheme

The SLIM scheme offers support in the form of a subsidy for learning and developing in SMEs. Keep employees up to date with knowledge and skills

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Government budget SLIM scheme

€ 48.000.000

What is the SLIM scheme?

The SLIM scheme is a subsidy for learning and developing in SMEs. This means that SMEs can receive a subsidy to keep their employees’ knowledge and skills up to date. The SLIM subsidy was created because the emphasis among SMEs often lies on something other than developing knowledge and skills. But as we all know, this is very important for SMEs. That is why the Cabinet annually allocates € 48 million to support this.

Who is the SLIM subsidy intended for?

The SLIM scheme has 3 general target groups, of which SMEs are the largest. Large companies and partnerships can also apply for the subsidy. All with a view to learning and development, of course. However, the emphasis is on SMEs, as this group in particular sometimes struggles to ensure that workers continue to develop throughout their careers. With the financial support, the SLIM scheme ensures that this is feasible and that employees enjoy their challenging work.

The budget of the SLIM subsidy

To meet the need of SMEs to let their employees learn and develop, the government makes € 48 million available annually in the form of the SLIM scheme. To be eligible for the SLIM subsidy, you must apply for the subsidy between March 2, 12:00, and March 31, 17:00, or between September 1, 09:00, and September 30, 17:00. MK- The Subsidy Community helps you to submit an application on time and to maximize the chance of success. If your application is approved, you can receive up to € 24,999 and for partnerships, this can go up to € 500,000. If you have a business in the agricultural, catering, or recreation sector, different amounts apply. The total grant includes 60% of the eligible costs and 80% for small entrepreneurs. Small entrepreneurs usually have fewer than 50 employees. Eligible costs must be higher than € 5,000 to be eligible.

What can you use the SLIM scheme for?

The SLIM subsidy serves several purposes. Are you planning to set up one of the following projects? Then as an SME you are probably eligible for the SLIM scheme and the associated subsidy. This concerns the following projects:

  • A training or development plan based on an investigation within the company into the training needs of the company in question
  • Career or development advice specifically aimed at the individual employees of a company or of employees within a partnership
  • The support or guidance within a company to apply a method to ensure that employees are stimulated to further develop their knowledge and skills
  • Offering practical learning places in line with vocational training. Do some of the places relate to the third apprenticeship with an accredited apprenticeship company? Then you are also eligible for the SLIM subsidy

Applications for the SLIM Grant

As mentioned, there are certain dates between which you can apply for the SLIM subsidy. The government uses the “first come, first served” principle. For this reason, it is important that you submit a full application as soon as possible after opening. An incomplete or late application can cost you a lot of money. MK has a successful track record in applying for the SLIM grant. We help you, among other things, with applying for the subsidy correctly and on time, so that we unburden you as much as possible.

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