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Top 5 grants

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Top 5 grants

The most important 5 subsidies for technological innovators to watch in order to get a project off the ground step by step as profitable as possible.

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Top 5 grants

If you have an innovative technology company, the Netherlands offers a good breeding ground. Our country has numerous subsidies that help innovative entrepreneurs to realize sustainable dreams.
Think big, green, and sustainable is the creed. But how do you hook up with your projects? Which pots should you really have heard of? And what about that smart “subsidy route”; the integrated approach of MK – The Subsidy Community that aims to successfully complete a series of successive innovation grants?
If you have an innovative project, you can apply for various subsidies in the Netherlands. The experts at MK – The Subsidy Community have listed five consecutive financing opportunities in subsidy countries for you.
Below are the top 5 subsidies that all technological visionaries should have in their sights.

Step 1: WBSO – Promotion of Research and Development Act

Most famous subsidy pot and approachable friend to everyone. The WBSO is the standard scheme for innovation. Anyone who is technologically innovative is eligible for this. The contribution is a discount on the income tax of the self-employed persons involved or a discount on the payroll tax of your employees. Think of € 25,000 per FTE per year.

Step 2: The Innovation Box

Supportive by tax reduction. Is your company innovative and do you make a profit? Then check whether you are eligible for the special rate box with your corporate income tax return, the so-called innovation box. The discount can be up to 80% on the corporate income tax payable. The condition is that you have applied for at least a patent or foreign patent or have a thorough WBSO scheme.

Step 3: MIT subsidy – the SME innovation promotion Region and Top Sectors

This scheme is active for innovative SMEs within one of the nine top sectors. The MIT scheme can save you up to € 350.000. Please note, now is the time to prepare a grant application for R&D collaboration projects. These applications will be processed between July 3 and September 7, 2017. Since you have to work together with partners for this budget, you need some lead time.

Step 4: DEI – Demonstration Energy Innovation

Large-scale financial boost for energy champions. For sustainable entrepreneurs to validate their own developments in the field of energy-saving or energy generation. This grant gives you the opportunity to make your first demonstration results visible to (potential) business partners.

Step 5: HER – Renewable Energy Regulation

MK – The Subsidy Community is our tip for all ambitious entrepreneurs active in the energy market. This subsidy is aimed at stimulating the development of new technologies with a large-scale impact on the sustainability of Dutch energy production. Also, think of innovation in the field of energy-saving and energy generation.

Integral strategy

The above subsidies are complementary. That is why MK – The Subsidy Community already takes possible subsequent applications into account when applying for a WBSO scheme. Our experience is that our integrated strategy increases your success exponentially, even with subsequent applications.
Top schemes, such as DEI and HER, are complex applications. But if you have good administration, knowledge of the preconditions, and a thorough application, then these arrangements are absolutely within reach. For example, our success rate for the WBSO is 99% with 20% more return.
Our experience is that our integrated strategy increases your success exponentially, also with future applications. ~ Gerard Benckhuijsen
Ready to explore your opportunities in the land of subsidies? Then contact our experts. Our subsidy advisers are happy to show you the way.

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