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Top Sector Energy Projects

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Top Sector Energy Projects

The Top Sector energy projects include various subsidies, including the largest: DEI +, which promotes the sustainability of integrated processes

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Yearly budget

€ 130.000.000

What is the Top Sector Energy Projects?

If you are active in the field of innovative energy projects with your company, then you have probably heard of the Top Sector Energy Projects. The Top Sector Energy Projects, also known as TSE for short, includes a lot of subsidies with the aim to stimulate groundbreaking research within this sector. Think for example of stimulating sustainable energy production, natural gas-free homes, and energy savings. All this has been done to remove the CO2 targets from the climate, but also to strengthen the competitive position of the Netherlands and maintain employment and prosperity. However, the Top Sector Energy Projects is not a single subsidy, but is an umbrella term, which includes the following subsidies:

  • DEI +
  • Renewable energy
  • HER +
  • Top Sector Energy Studies Industry
  • Mission-driven Research Development and Innovation (MOOI)
  • Accelerated climate investment in industry
  • TSE Industry
  • TSE Built Environment

The first four work with a “first come, first served” principle, so it is important to be quick with a strong request. The last four subsidies work with a tender and the quality of the application is mainly important and a selection of eligible projects will be made based on this.

Budget of the Top Sector Energy Projects

These grants and incentive programs together account for an annual budget of approximately € 130 million, the largest player being the DEI + with € 86 million.

Conditions of the Top Sector Energy Projects

A number of conditions apply in order to qualify for subsidies within the Top Sector Energy Projects. Below you can read some important conditions:

  • The project will start no later than 6 months after approval
  • The project must be feasible on both a technical and economic level
  • The project must be based on a partnership with at least one entrepreneur. You carry out the project at your own risk
  • You may not start the project before the subsidy application has been submitted

For the other – more complex – conditions, please contact one of our subsidy advisers to see if you are eligible for such a subsidy within the Top Sector Energy Projects with your project.

Applications for the Top Sector Energy Projects

Applying for a subsidy within the Top Sector Energy Projects has quite a few snags. For example, the RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, explicitly states on their site that “an application that is received too late or that is incomplete after the closing date of a scheme is rejected.” It goes without saying that it is therefore important to submit a correct application on time. Especially with the numbers that are involved within the Top Sector Energy Projects. We at MK take care of this and help you meet the subsidy needs. With our team of only senior grant advisors, we have a track record with exceptionally high success rates. We can also help you with project management and reporting to the subsidy provider so that you will not be faced with any surprises.

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