Energy drink for your business: DEI+ and Renewable energy subsidies

We’ve stressed this before and we’ll keep on stressing the importance of this topic: energy is a highly innovative and competitive sector to be involved in right now. The Netherlands is anticipating to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement by planning to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% by 2050. To achieve that, innovation and the creativity of entrepreneurs to come up with the most original ways to make the energy sector more sustainable are stimulated by subsidies. And who wouldn’t “sustainabilize” their business with such a great incentive as subsidies? Read on to find out how you can contribute to achieving a more stable climate and how you can get those subsidies right away!

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Innovating in the energy sector? Apply for these subsidies!

DEI+ subsidy

This subsidy is for those of you who are currently in the “demonstration phase,” meaning that you test whether your innovative product or service truly works as desired. To be eligible, your project needs to save energy or stimulate the use of sustainable/renewable energy. In other cases, your project could generate renewable energy in a creative way. So there’s plenty of room for your projects! Additionally, to be eligible, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working independently or in a partnership with another organization. That’s always nice to know, right? Now, let’s get down to the money business. This subsidy isn’t just another subsidy out there. There are six themes to it. 

1. Innovation in energy:

Apply for this theme if your project saves energy (is energy-efficient), if your project encourages the use of renewable energy sources or if your project deals with energy infrastructure in some way. You can get a max of €6 million per project and have until 07-01-2020 to apply!

2. Spatial integration:

Apply for this theme if your project is a pilot/demonstration project which contributes to the generation of large-scale sustainable electricity, keeping in mind that as energy transition happens, more space will be needed. Attention should be paid to the optimal use of available space and social costs should be prevented or minimized. Any projects having to do with spatial integration on land, traffic infrastructure, inland waterways, basins, the sea and built environment could get this subsidy. You can get a max of €4,50 million and have got until 07-01-2020 to apply, so hurry up!

3. Flexibilization:

Apply for this theme if your project is a pilot one which increases the flexibility of the energy system in a cost-efficient and optimal manner. So if you stimulate the storage and conversion of renewable electricity, stimulate CO2-free production, stimulate a flexible demand for electricity or make electricity networks for transportation and electricity distribution flexible, then you’re more than eligible. You can get a max of €12,50 million and have until 07-01-2020 to apply!

4. Circular economy:

As you’ve probably read on our subsidy page, you can apply for this subsidy if you are working on extending the product life of raw materials. Hence, if you reuse waste, recycle or repair and use bio-based raw materials, then you’re eligible for this subsidy. You can get a max of €6 million per project and have until the 22-09-2020 to apply.

5. Gas-free homes:

This subsidy is currently closed, but we’ll inform you when it reopens!

6. Reduction of CO2 emissions:

This subsidy is currently closed, but we’ll inform you when it reopens!

Renewable energy subsidy

If you haven’t found your match among the six DEI+ themes identified above; don’t worry, because we’ve got another subsidy for you. If you and your partner(s) (so no individuals may apply!) produce sustainable energy, then that’s enough to get this subsidy. Keep in mind that your project needs to be in the demonstration phase and that you need to aim for a grand development of the project. No, just kidding. You don’t need to strive for a “grand” development; some development is enough. Not to forget, you and your partner(s) are expected to expend a balanced amount of substantive and financial contributions to the project. Last but not least, there’s €50 million available for this subsidy and you have until 31-03-2020 to apply

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