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Why us? Whether you’re new to our website or not, it may always be of use to read why we, MK Subsidy, are excelling at what we do – getting our clients subsidies. Read on to see why we’re the go-to firm, how we work and what exactly we do that makes us so special.

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Our added value:

Innovation caused the industrial revolution, which contributed to climate change. Approximately one million animal and plant species are threatened to become extinct. Extreme weather conditions and floods are becoming more common, while others have to deal with increasingly extreme heat and drought.

At MK Subsidy, we strongly believe that to address the global challenges we currently face, innovation is absolutely key. Innovation is the solution to make the world a better place. The use of fire to stop the fire is what we believe in. If we apply for a subsidy for you and use our decade-long expertise and drive to do that, we could contribute to reducing the amount of animal species threatened with extinction, for example. Or, let’s say that your innovative idea has something to do with the recyclability of products. In that case, the fire metaphor would mean that we’re stopping non-biodegradable waste from taking place.

In 2009, we discovered that there is a huge opportunity in the subsidy market. Many innovative companies either aren’t aware that they could apply for a subsidy to finance their Research & Development (R&D) efforts, or many are unsuccessful in applying or don’t know how to apply for one. We’ve grasped this opportunity in the market immediately. Using our first-class services, we’ve provided many of our clients subsidies they could only have dreamed about. Our added value in this aspect is that we have a startup culture. We apply for subsidies faster and our bond with our clients is much more closer than in other subsidy offices.

How we work:

People shouldn’t be afraid that their ideas are not good enough or not worth the time of Dutch policy makers who read the subsidy applications. We make subsidies more accessible than ever. We’re here to convince our clients that whatever they want to achieve in terms of innovation, it’s possible. We make it more than possible.

One of the key reasons why you, the innovator should choose us as the subsidy provider, is that we have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in both the Dutch and the European subsidy areas. Our network involves about 30 consultants specialized in various subsidies that you, innovator, should be applying for. The community we’ve created is growing steadily, with new consultants knocking on our doors often. However, also the number of our clients is growing, because we’ve established trust with them over the last 10 years of delivering first-class services. We not only have close ties with our clients and consultants; the government, of which policy makers, are in our contacts too. Hence, you could imagine us as a middleman connecting two different worlds – the startup world and the governmental world. We basically apply for subsidies so that you, innovator, don’t have to do that.

Another reason why you should choose us to get your subsidy application through is because we ensure optimal support throughout your innovation cycle. This helps you reach higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) faster and more effectively. What’s more, our consultants work from different locations around the world. This ensures their availability 24/7. If a Dutch consultant is done working at one time, our consultant in Columbia takes over and continues the application process, so that the application is filed ASAP. And this is what makes us different. We truly care about our clients and about filing successful subsidy applications.

What we do:

We, MK Subsidy, connect startups in need of funding with consultants who apply for the needed subsidies. Having very good connections with the policy makers and subsidy providers, our consultants tailor the applications into ones which win the subsidies over. For this, we created a platform to pitch your project easily, where our consultants provide you with feedback within a few hours. Since every project is unique, we address it using a personal approach. Our consultants listen to our clients carefully, ask them the right questions that the subsidy provider would ask, and they file a successful subsidy application accordingly. What should be remembered is that with whatever we do, we put our hearts and full dedication to it. We always give our all to ensure a top-class performance.

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