Feeling cold? Warm yourself up by investing into sustainable energy!

The time of the year has come once again: cold, rainy November. This month tends to be disliked by some, because as managers push their employees to hit all the deadlines before Christmas, stress takes over many companies. Also, November is that annoying in-between month between Halloween and Christmas, when all you have to do is work extra hard before going on that well-deserved vacation. Oh and of course – the weather (at least in Europe) at this time is not great either! Pretty much everyone is dreaming of emigrating to Bali or somewhere else where it’s warm 24/7. What do you do to escape this November-gloominess? That’s right – you apply for subsidies that make your day brighter (literally)!

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EIA – Energy Investment Allowance

You’ve probably seen all those commercials on TV with a clear message: “everybody’s busy doing something for the environment. Anna has installed new solar panels on her roof. Brian is driving an electric car. Cindy is drinking from a reusable bottle, not buying any single-use plastic water bottles anymore.” At MK Subsidy, we’d want to spread this message as well. We provide many ways for you, the entrepreneur, to become more sustainable and global warming-conscious. This is why we introduce the EIA subsidy to you today – Energy Investment Allowance!

With this subsidy, not only will you “do something for the environment,” as they say; you would also save your company’s costs! How? It works like this:

  1. First, switch from non-renewable energy sources to renewable ones: e.g. wind, solar, water and newly: heat energy

  2. Invest into sustainable energy assets

  3. Apply for this subsidy here

  4. When doing your taxes, don’t forget to mention that you’ve switched to sustainable energy and claim a discount of 13.5% on your taxes!

“Why would I get benefits for switching to renewable energy?”

You’re probably wondering how this subsidy has come about. Because of the Paris Agreement taking place, which resulted in many different national plans to address the global warming issue (e.g. the Dutch adaptation of the Paris Agreement), measures are now taken to switch to renewable energy or to at least save non-renewable energy. Hence, the Dutch government has decided to subsidize companies in the Netherlands which follow these measures. Becoming a sustainable company has many benefits, as we discussed before. Not only is this great for your profits – the planet would be happy too! And at MK Subsidy, we cheer to all things sustainable. We believe that the future is bright and green, hence us supporting the measures the government takes.

“OK I buy it! But how would investing in sustainable energy keep me warm?!”

The great thing about EIA is that investments in both energy-efficient techniques and in sustainable energy are eligible for the subsidy. This means that if you invest into heat energy or wind energy (if you live in a very windy area, which might not be difficult in the Netherlands), this would prove to be not only sustainable, but also energy-efficient! And energy translates itself into warmth. So stop drinking an excess of warm beverages at work and invest into energy that would a) save you costs and b) make you warm! 

See, November doesn’t have to be all gloomy and grey. You just need to stay in touch with us, follow our blog regularly for extra ways to save costs or gain extra profits and you’ll be fine! Now hop onto our portal and pitch your project to switch to sustainable energy and brighten your day. We can’t wait to hear about it – and the planet can’t wait either!

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