Get In The Ring – The MK Subsidy Experience

Last week we were present at the Get In The Ring Global Meetup in Berlin, where 138 startups and 300+ corporate innovators, investors, industry leaders and ecosystem influencers got the chance to inspire each other and build new relations, as well as, strengthen existing ones. 

A warm welcome 

The event started with an opening dinner at the traditional German restaurant Hofbräu Tavern. Niek Schipper, our MK German business developer, thinks this was the best way to start the event and set the tone. The opening of the event created the perfect vibe for the whole event. Start talking, meet new people, but most importantly have fun while networking” . The informal setting of the event, created by the Unknown Group, made it easy to talk with some of the leading start-ups and businesses. 

Inspiring second day

The second day was THE highlight of the Global Meetup event for the MK community. The whole day revolved around having one on one conversations with start-ups and businesses, called The Future Sessions. Team MK was present at food, agri, mobility and health to provide insight in subsidy possibilities and entrepreneurial advice. Willem Maas, our MK CCO,  said The Future Sessions were a great business occasion to meet new ecosystem partners and investors.The one on one conversations gave us the opportunity to give so many start-ups advice and help them grow into the future generation heroes”. Do you also want advice from the MK subsidy community? Do not hesitate and pitch your project on our innovative Pitch Deck and find out if there is subsidy potential! 

One of the start-ups that caught our eye is Pixel Display, a South-Korean innovative company that develops AI based mobile eye inspection technology. They prevent several eye diseases in children by taking a picture of the eyes. Currently, 30 hospitals all across South-Korea serve as a pilot project, while receiving governmental fundings of around $1.2 Million US-dollar. Isn’t that amazing?! After this highly effective and inspiring day we had dinner at the Sage Beach, a characteristic place where city meets the chill vibes of a beach. Surrounded by palm trees and sand gave this evening the ultimate summer feeling to start new conversations while enjoying an ice cold beer. 

The Grand Finale 

The last day got started by Kevin Westermeijer from Convious, last years Get In The Ring Global Meetup winner. He held a speech about his amazing experience of the event. After the speech, the innovation tour to visit Berlin-based start-ups began. The goal was to give the Get In The Ring start-ups a glance how a successful start-up runs their business and to let them hear their stories of entering the unknown. A few of the start-ups we visited are a VR company at the euref-campus, who gave us a hands-on experience with VR technology, the IOT campus of Bosch and an Impact Investment Fund. Exciting stuff makes us hungry! Luckily, the Dutch embassy was kind enough to be our host for the lunch that day. While being back on Dutch soil and enjoying our food, we got to know the finalists of the battles. 

Last but not least, the evening we have all been waiting for: THE BATTLES. But first, dinner. On day one of the event a few people from the event, including our intern Esmay van der Giesen, had a bet to attend the last evening in traditional German clothing. In Rotterdam we would say “Geen woorden maar daden” (actions rather than words) and this mentality was definitely present during the whole event. They have kept their promise and stood with full proud in their dirndls and lederhosen enjoying their vegan Surrito; sushi in the shape of a burrito ;). 

The Get In The Ring battles were absolutely amazing. Team MK was ready to be blown away by the unicorns of the Get In The Ring Global Meetup 2019. You could feel the excitement growing every time a new battle began. Hats off for all the finalists that fought against each other in the ring, each one of them are highly innovative and essential to our future. However, just one of each battle can be the winner… congratulations to the new global heroes Dynaxion Security, fiskaly and SpotDraft

It’s a WRAP! A special thank you to Jochem Cuppen, Hendrik Halbe, Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen, Martin Luxemburg, Erwin Koenraads and their Unknown Group team for the excellent organisation of the Get In The Ring Global Meetup 2019 and for inviting the MK – The Subsidy Community team. Pitch your project on our platform and maybe your company will be the global hero of 2020! 

  • Lederhosen and Dirndls

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