HighTech XL

HighTech XL runs an Accelerator program twice a year, where start-ups from all over the world are selected. In the intensive program the business model is developed, business case made so that these start-ups are ready to go to the next face.

One of the biggest challenges for a start-up is funding. How do you get your idea/ company founded to take the next step? Most banks find it too early because there is no or very limited turnover. an investor wants to see a product first & first traction with the market and an Angel costs a large part of your Equity, etc.

Partly for this reason Subsidies and soft loans are ideal for a Startup. Subsidies are free (often co-financing) and soft loans are ideal because there is no talk of dilution. With a Grant Decision in hand, you are also stronger towards an investor. In this case, the government has already indicated that it can benefit from your project / development.

Subsidy / Loan – million questions … ..

  • But where do you find the subsidies now?
  • How much time do you have to invest in this?
  • How do you know in advance whether you should or should not apply for this subsidy?
  • Can this subsidy be stacked with that other subsidy?
  • Which soft loans are available?
  • What conditions apply and what is my risk?
  • Is Crowdfunding suitable for me?
  • What should I do if changes occur during my subsidy project?

These are just a few of all the questions that may arise. This can be solved at MK – The Subsidy Community. Subsidy advice is a profession and we are happy to help you. Of course you can also choose this yourself, which saves costs that you have lost to an advisor. But most Start-ups see that they can be better at developing their business and working together with specialists for this type of business.

MK – The Subsidy Community

MK – The Subsidy Community is a large Grant Advisory Agency that specializes in Start-ups and Scale ups. MK – The Subsidy Community is a platform where projects and specialists come together. With more than 30 specialists, we have expertise in all types of subsidies. Local, Regional, National and European. In addition to Subsidies, we also have a good network at Regional Development Companies (BOM), Universities (TuE), investors and Parties that provide loans.

In this partnership with HighTech XL we have a great proposition where you can make optimum use of our services, have a competitive pricing and where it is clear in advance what you can expect from us, but also what we expect from you in terms of input.

Below you can see a number of relevant regulations for HighTech XL (Alumni) parties. Of course, there are a lot with it but this is already a selection for info.

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The subsidy is provided for the costs of an external consultant, this is mainly done with the aim of simplifying the business case of an innovation or its implementation.

Early Phase Financing (VFF)

Loan for start-ups and SMEs to investigate whether their idea has a chance of success on the market.


Subsidy for carrying out a feasibility study, an R&D collaboration project or external hiring of knowledge.

SME Phase 1 & 2

The SME instrument is part of the Horizon 2020 program. The scheme serves as a quick boost for SME entrepreneurs with a breakthrough innovation.


Companies can reduce the financial burden of R & D projects via the WBSO – Wet Bevordering Speur-en Ontwikkelingswerk subsidy (Promotion and Investigation Act).