IMVO – a subsidy which makes your business smarter, helping to reduce poverty

Reading the headline, you’re probably thinking: “What?! Can I improve my knowledge to contribute to my business’s growth and aid reduce poverty, simultaneously?” Well, you’re in luck – you can earn a subsidy for that! It’s called the International Corporate Social Responsibility voucher (or the IMVO voucher in Dutch) and it’s designed to create a win-win situation for you and for the developing countries facing poverty. Read on to find out exactly how it works and apply for it now!

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What is this great subsidy all about?

The IMVO voucher subsidy was made to contribute to a sustainable economic development and poverty reduction. This way, some SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations are addressed (e.g. no.1: no poverty). And who wouldn’t want to see their company grow sustainably? 

We live in a dynamic age of wild competition between businesses, meaning that everybody wants to hit the finish line first. Therefore, everybody is looking for smart ways to ‘trick the system’ or to get some extra money for their work done, either from the customers, from the tax authorities or from the government. And discovering subsidies which could facilitate that difficult startup or scale-up journey feels like eating a very delicious meal after a workout. So this is when we, MK Subsidy, come into the picture! We are the ones providing you with that delicious cup of cake after a workout. We are the door-openers, the enablers. If we see how hard you’ve worked in the last couple of years, then we reward you for it. Because you deserve it. We fully recognize that you deserve this subsidy, because we’ve been in the same position and we know how it feels to ‘feel the pain’ of scaling your startup. 

That’s why we’d want to offer you the IMVO subsidy – you just simply reach out to a consultant for advice and we’ll make sure that you get a 50% discount on that advice. 

What are the eligibility criteria for this subsidy?

In every beautifully-set story, there comes a “but”. That shouldn’t be any news. So, here goes; to qualify for this subsidy, you are expected to:

  1. Be an SME, so not a freelancer and not a corporate
  2. Buy advice from a consultant or a social organization
  3. You will get a 50% discount on advice of up to €10,000
  4. You need to be a partner of CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland)
  5. Your trade partner needs to be in Africa, Latin America, Asia or Eastern Europe

I want this subsidy now!

Now that you are familiar with the criteria to be eligible, you know what to do. Either make sure that you are fully eligible before the deadline, or apply now. Oh, and why the rush? Because you haven’t got long until the deadline for this subsidy! To get the IMVO subsidy, you have until the 30th November. That’s not long. And if you’re a freelancer, then becoming an SME in such a short amount of time is, unfortunately, not very likely. 

But don’t worry, there’s more subsidies to look at! Just explore our website or read some inspirational stories of other entrepreneurs. In any case, MK Subsidy is The subsidy provider for innovative companies. Just contact us for a nice cup of coffee and let’s explore your subsidy opportunities together! In other words, after a workout, don’t resist that well-deserved piece of cake – take it! 🙂

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