In need of funding? Get inspired how Rasp & FreshStrips got theirs fast!

With about 10 years of being in practice, and with over 400 clients on board, Maas & Kleiberg (MK) Subsidy Community is scaling up fast. It has many success stories to share, one of which includes that of Rasp (Robotics, Automation & Software Products) and FreshStrips. Rasp and FreshStrips have been working on a smart packaging product and have won a subsidy together. What sets them apart from the rest of their competition?

FreshStrips is a relatively young company with a team of eight dedicated innovative minds. What they do that makes them stand out is they create cost-effective, user-friendly smart labels. These are attached to product packaging to show whether the content was exposed to unsafe temperatures. This is not the only feature that is making FreshStrips unique in the European smart packaging market. FreshStrips can be attached to any packaging and temperature can be measured at any point during the product’s lifespan. Each FreshStrips solution is made individually, based on the needs of the targeted packaging industries. If the product measured is exposed to abnormal temperatures, the FreshStrips label color changes from green to red. This means that the product is not suitable for consumption any longer. In short, FreshStrips is developing a unique solution for the food safety industry not many have thought of so far.

Be driven to innovate

What’s the point of developing their product though; what motivates them in their daily job? According to the FreshStrips CEO, Marios Chryssolouris, food safety is nowadays still a big issue to be solved. He claims that EU-wide, about 30% of all food-borne outbreaks are somehow related to the food being exposed to too much heat. Hence, it is no surprise that Chryssolouris and his team developed their original smart sticker concept. In a world concerned with other global issues, such as global warming and migration crisis, it is important to focus on what is less apparent in the media. Chryssolouris and the team are simply aiming to be one of the first in the industry to tackle food safety shortcomings. Nothing should stop them in their global mission to ensure that food safety becomes more the rule than the exception.

Starting small and humble is key

Another interesting topic of discussion is the company’s ambition to sell their smart product packaging labels. The interviewees were asked about how many stickers they are aiming to sell in the upcoming years. Chryssolouris claimed that since his team is full of ambition and optimism, they want to “start slow”. In other words, selling a few hundred thousand smart labels within a $10 billion global smart packaging market is the goal. So, though they are determined and positive that they are contributing a groundbreaking solution to the market, they are humble as well and want to “start small” before capturing a huge chunk of the market.

With MK Subsidy, you’ll get your subsidy effortlessly

Starting small also means to search one’s network to see whether there’s financial help available. Loaning and subsequently getting into debt would rather be classified as detrimental to a small startup. Hence, FreshStrips contacted MK Subsidy Community for help. Chryssolouris describes the collaboration with MK Subsidy as effortless and uplifting. When asked about the process, he said that they were first assigned to a very experienced consultant and then a couple of meetings followed, where FreshStrips was asked to present their goals and long-term expectations on paper. This culminated in getting their subsidy application submitted. As a young startup, one needs guidance in the confusing world of funding opportunities and regulations. FreshStrips wants to express huge gratitude to MK Subsidy, since their goal of applying for subsidies was achieved in a very short time frame and the support received was “excellent”. Perhaps that’s why they were ranked as the best project in the ranking of MIT South-Netherlands. Out of about 100 applications, they scored the most points.

The support from MK Subsidy Community was excellent and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them further! Marios Chryssolouris

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