KRVE: experience is the key to a successful subsidy application

You are about to make a subsidy application for your innovative mission. But how do you maximize your chances?

For a strategic choice you want to know how other entrepreneurs have successfully dealt with this. Why did they choose a subsidy consultancy and how did they end up at MK – The Subsidy Community? To help you on your way, we have asked one of our customers to share their experience with our services.

In conversation with the Royal Rowers Association Eendracht (KRVE)

Meet the Royal Rowers Association Eendracht (KRVE). Last year our office was able to assist them with a successful subsidy application for solar panels at a new warehouse. We spoke to Alex van Vught, CFO of this enthusiastic organization, and asked him 10 questions about their subsidy strategy.

1. Who are you and what is your core business?

The Koninklijke Roeiers Vereeniging Eendracht was founded in 1895. What we do is attaching and detaching seagoing vessels. In all weather conditions and at any mooring location that you can imagine. We do this twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year.

2. What have you applied for and why?

Through our professional pension fund, we have applied for a subsidy for solar panels at a new warehouse that the pension fund has built. This new warehouse is used by our own shipyard Merwelands Jachtbouw Rotterdam and by ShoreTension, a company that makes cylinders to ensure that ships are moored more safely.

3. When did the application run?

In 2016.

 4. Why did you decide to call in a subsidy consultancy?

There are many things that we as KRVE want to do ourselves, but you cannot keep an eye on everything yourself. It is a shame if you do not use subsidy opportunities. MK – The Subsidy Community keeps an eye on this for us. So that we can respond to those opportunities.

  5. Why did you specifically opt for MK – The Subsidy Community and not for another subsidy consultancy firm?

In the past we worked with several subsidy consultancy agencies, but that did not go well. That is why we were not completely satisfied. We then invited MK – The Subsidy Community to discuss our wishes.

  6. How did you come into contact with MK – The Subsidy Community?

A colleague knew the former office where MK – The Subsidy Community was housed and looked at the website. We then contacted to make an appointment.

7. How did MK – The Subsidy Community help you?

MK – The Subsidy Community carried out a scan and submitted the application for the subsidy on the solar panels.

8. How did you experience the service?

Excellent service. MK – The Subsidy Community helped us with the administration and the data and documents that had to be collected for this.

9. In your opinion, what is the unique strength of MK – The Subsidy Community? And how did this unique strength contribute to the success of your subsidy application?

MK – The Subsidy Community has people who work on subsidy projects every day. Because of this they are much better able to do the subsidy application than we ourselves. In addition, they are always accessible and because we are located in the same region, the distance is not a problem.

  10. Why would you recommend MK – The Subsidy Community to other entrepreneurs?

Companies that, for whatever reason, do not follow the developments in the field of subsidy frequently, but which could regularly have a right to a subsidy. I advise those companies to work together with a subsidy consultancy firm in general and MK – The Subsidy Community in particular.

MK – The Subsidy Community has people who are involved in subsidy projects on a daily basis. Because of this they are much better able to do the subsidy application than we ourselves. In addition, they are always accessible Alex van Vught - KRVE

The success of our clients is our success. We are therefore proud that we can share the success story of the KRVE with you. Helping entrepreneurs with the financing of their innovative projects is what we do every twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the whole year.

So are you our next innovative entrepreneur with a successful subsidy application? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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