Last week’s TNW Tech Conference

Last week, The Next Web (TNW) has organized the 14th edition of its famous Tech Conference in Amsterdam. Thousands of people have travelled across The Netherlands, Europe or across the sea to get to the Heart of Tech, the most recent conference edition. Dozens of inspirational speakers from big corporations, governmental institutions or famous startups have hosted the most exciting roundtables, workshops and talks. Who was present? Geeks and nerds; ranging from curious students, to freelancers wanting to get inspired to start their own little company. Other attendants were established SMEs, corporations and different institutions, ranging between the European Commission, Rijkswaterstaat and the Municipality of Amsterdam. MK Subsidy was represented at the conference by Marketa Svobodova, the Content Manager and Partnerships Liaison.

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Thursday, May 9th

The first day of the Conference was a day full of inspirational meetings and talks. It started out by wandering around the event location. The location was NDSM, which lies in Amsterdam Noord, by the waterbody IJ. The experience thereof was incredible. This is because there were about 10 venues to visit, ranging from the main stage sitting thousands of people, to small tents, to an expo arena where startups and corporations could show off their innovations. Not only were there many venues to visit; there were numerous food trucks too! And the food served was just unreal. The Dutch Weedburger was something that Marketa has never seen before. Moreover, there were the favorites such as Belgian fries, beer, pancakes, and of course, lots of exclusive Ethiopian coffee.

After the first impressions (and being shocked that people started drinking beer at 9AM), Marketa started attending multiple roundtables on topics of interest such as the digital governance, marketing, the purpose of branding, and logistics and the future therein. A lot of networking and brainstorming on currently relevant, popular themes has occurred. Many new connections and potential clients have been made. But most importantly, a lot was learned, inspiring all attendees to take action in tackling global challenges now.

Friday, May 10th

The second and last day of this technology-rich conference was just as fun and inspirational. More connections from all around the world were made, more stories and speeches were heard and more has been learned. Marketa has learned both about specific topics, such as email marketing and blockchain, but also about ideas, such as global expansion and how to hit the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The talks were hosted by people from large corporations, such as Accenture, Adyen, Shell, and others. However, also the Founders and CEOs of fast-growing companies such as Blendle have given meaningful speeches on how they fought to build their company into what it is now. Not a single moment was wasted. The whole day was enjoyed and well-spent!

TNW’s Tech Conference was a clear success. The location has taken care of hosting many talks, workshops and roundtables in an informal, festive setting, where beer and cocktails were widely available. Further, the weather has also helped – the sun came out and made the attendees feel very warm, while networking and thinking about future collaborations. Most importantly, the event was very well organized, with every talk or happening occurring on time. All in all, the MK Subsidy is happy to have been present and wishes to come back in the future, to proudly network with both the decision makers of today’s digital age, but also with those needing financing. See you there next year! And in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us or pitch your project so that when meeting at the next year’s TNW conference, you’ll be able to shine!

Author: Marketa Svobodova, m.svobodova@mksubsidy.com, Content Manager & Partnerships

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