Looking back at MK’s 10 Year Anniversary

Time flies when you’re having a lot of fun. On the 13th September, we, MK Subsidy have celebrated 10 years since our foundation. This was a big day for the company, because lots of memories rushed into mind on that particular day. During the celebration of the 10 year anniversary, the co-founders reflected on the past with a light smile and a bit of tears in their eyes. It was an emotional moment. How many startups make it all the way up to 10 years of existence and survive past that? Not many; MK Subsidy is truly exceptional!

The 10 year anniversary party has started at 5PM,

with the doors to the SS Rotterdam (a big boat where events take place) opening. Once I’ve entered, I was welcomed by a smiling waitress asking whether I’d like a glass of wine or other beverages. Of course I took a glass of wine – wine has a celebrational spirit associated with it! Luckily, I came just in time to see Bastiaan and Willem, the two co-founders, sailing around on a speed-boat. A song, namely ‘Forever Young,’ came to mind. What a spectacular and original opening! 

At 6PM,

Willem and Bastiaan have gathered everyone around and have given an opening speech. Then, a nice video presenting the two co-founders reflecting on the past 10 years has been played, with some great, heartwarming news at the very end! Curious what that is? Well, then you better become a part of our company and find out! 

6.30PM was dinner time.

And what a buffet that was! There was definitely enough to choose from, the food ranging from Chinese to Indian. But the food wasn’t the only great addition to this spectacular evening. We all ate at the boat’s deck, chatting with our colleagues and catching up with their busy lives, while watching the sun go down. Nothing could compare to that warm, satisfied feeling you get once you’re with some good company and once you’ve eaten some great food. If there’s something that MK is really good at; it’s picking a spectacular event location, inviting inspiring people and planning out the event so that the memories you take along never fade away.

At 7.45PM,

a part of the company has left to enjoy a boat ride and a presentation at Spark Design & Innovation. I’ve heard it was great fun; you should visit too! The other part of the company stayed on the party boat and we’ve enjoyed some heavenly delicious desserts together with coffee. It was enlightening to listen to some of the freelance subsidy consultants that one doesn’t really get to see (typical freelance-characteristic) and to learn about how busy their lives are and how they cope with stress. In need of unwinding too? Read this article to learn how to relax in your busy entrepreneurial life!

At 9PM,

the boat got full with the rest of the company again, because the inspirational tour at Spark has ended and the colleagues were looking forward to something tasty. At that point, people just grabbed some coffee, wine or beer and networked or casually chit-chatted. I talked to a very interesting consultant about some sustainable subsidies and about the horrible fires around the Amazon that took place. In sum, it was an evening well spent!

10PM has passed and the big party had to end!

Most of the people (especially those having families and children) went home and didn’t stay over for much longer, but some (the core team of MK) went over to another floor and the party has continued. What followed is secret and you’d have to be a part of the team to experience this next time, but in short, it was great fun. One would want to repeat such events as much as possible :).

What follows in the next 10 years is (even more) success, more employees, and more fun! MK Subsidy will grow to be bigger, better and smarter. Not that we aren’t a big company already and not that we aren’t happy with what we’ve achieved until now – believe me, we are. We are very proud of what the company has achieved in the past years and we’re sure that we’ll keep on providing excelling, professional services in the years to come. Follow us in our success journey! And be there at our next event!

Check out the aftermovie of the event here!


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