Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020

We, MK Subsidy, would want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020. May you get all the subsidies you’re aiming for, meet many inspirational people to partner up with and get on an innovative journey with and we hope to meet you in our office more often, if you’re our client already! What about us, what hopes and wishes do we have for 2020? Read on!

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But first, a look-back at 2019

In order to look forward and imagine a bright future, you first need to look backward and reflect on what has already happened. Hence, if we reflect on 2019, there are a few highlights we need to mention, which will undoubtedly impact 2020 a lot:

  1. We’ve hosted or attended nine key events, namely: the Get Growing event at the Venture Cafe, Kings’ Dinner, Liquor tasting event, The Next Web Conference, Get in the Ring, Rijkswaterstaat’s breakfast session about circular economy, The Rotterdam Capital Days, MK’s 10 year anniversary and Topsector Energy Conference
  2. We hired new internal and external personnel, such as an SEO Marketeer, Financial Officer, Business Developers and of course, consultants
  3. We’ve expanded our business in Germany further and are exploring new markets abroad
  4. We’ve closed new partnership deals, such as that of Holland Fintech
  5. We were voted to be one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands
  6. We’ve started up a couple of new websites, such as www.Vraagsubsidieaan.nl and www.WBSO-subsidie-aanvragen.nl
  7. We’ve done a crossfit workout together to promote team spirit and vitality
  8. We were picked out to be one of the 250 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands
  9. We went bowling together and had a lot of fun
  10. We’ve funded dozens of our current and new clients with the various subsidies where we have our expertise in.

As you can tell, there’s a lot that has happened in 2019. What a year that was! We’ve grown as a team, expanded as a business and diversified in terms of our subsidy expertise. Were there any downs happening this year? According to Willem Maas, the Co-Founder and CCO of MK Subsidy, “all the downs have actually turned out to be ups in the end,” so it depends on your mindset. But for us, 2019 was full of ups and we have enjoyed it to the fullest! What will be our aspirations for 2020?

Our hopes and wishes for 2020

  1. Keep on diversifying into other subsidy-fields

  2. Keep on growing in terms of team-size

  3. Expand further across Europe

  4. Celebrate many new client- and partnership successes

  5. Attend and host many more events!

In other words, we’d want to become bigger, stronger and better. There’s nothing and nobody to stop us from doing so. We, MK Subsidy, are simply driven to succeed. So see you back in 2020, after your lovely holidays with family and friends! Let’s relax and work at full-speed again next year. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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