MK Subsidy among the Top 250 Scale-ups in 2019!

Have you heard the great news?! We, MK Subsidy have made it to the dashboard of Top 250 Scale-ups in the Netherlands in 2019!

Every year, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Erasmus University and the Rotterdam School of Management investigate and monitor fast-growing companies in the Netherlands. From over 3000 scale-ups in the Netherlands, a list of the 250 fastest growing companies has been made this year too. How did we get there, which criteria did we have to meet? One of the criteria of a fast growing company is to have at least 10 full-time employees and/or at least 5 million EUR in revenue at the start of the measuring period. Next to that, a fast growing company means it had to achieve an average growth of at least 20% in the amount of full-time employees and/or the revenue between 2015-2018 had to grow consecutively by about 20%. The list of Top 250 Scale-ups was made by looking at which companies have grown the most in terms of size (number of employees) and/or revenue between 2015 and 2018.

But we are not finished yet… we will invest in our company and people to create better solutions, more insights in subsidies and enter the market in new countries in Europe!

Enough talking, it is now time to raise the glass and cheer to our success! Thanks to all our consultants, partners, clients, and of course, internal employees for making this happen!


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