MK Subsidy’s 10 year anniversary is just around the corner!

On September 13th, 2009, the whole concept of Maas en Kleiberg Subsidieadvies was born. Back then, the very young entrepreneurs Willem Maas and Bastiaan Kleiberg were ambitious enough to address the great gap in the financial market. Namely, back then (and up to this date, actually), disinformation or lack of knowledge around the subsidy theme prevents many companies in the Netherlands and abroad to grow and to scale up. The lack of money and capital an entrepreneur suffers from is a well-known problem. This is where Bastiaan and Willem have stepped in. Both of them were in their early 20s and still in college when the idea behind Maas en Kleiberg Subsidieadvies arose.

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The development of the subsidy service

Because both Willem and Bastiaan had some background and expertise in various subsidy schemes and because they were aware of the gap in the market, they quickly surrounded themselves with other subsidy experts and advisors to develop their idea into a service. Their service revolved around offering subsidy advice to other entrepreneurs and applying for specific subsidies was also a part of the package. This has proved to be a great achievement, because many people in their target group (entrepreneurs) were either too busy to apply for a subsidy or they had a lack of expertise when it comes to applying for subsidies successfully. From then on, the Maas en Kleiberg startup has really started to take off. 


At first, Maas en Kleiberg Subsidieadvies was, like the name hints, a purely Dutch company. However, soon enough, the first international employees were hired and the two co-founders had to drastically change their operating strategy. Namely, the working language at MK Subsidy has gradually changed into English. The meetings, communications, data input, etc. all had to be carried out in English. This internationalization is a clear sign of company growth. However, this was not it. Not only has the amount of employees hired increased; the yearly revenue of the company has increased as well. Eventually, this has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands! 

The future of MK Subsidy

As an entrepreneur of a company in a fast-paced environment, you’d want to decrease the uncertainties and increase certainties to the max. What this means is that you’d rather have more full-time personnel and less insecurities around your cash flow. This is why the co-founders want to hire more full-time employees in the future and perhaps less part-time interns (because let’s face it: usually, interns don’t stay). Also, to secure their constant flow of funds into the company, Bastiaan and Willem would want to highlight the importance of sales and partnerships to ensure the constant earning of clients. Way to go!

In our past blogs, we’ve discussed the reasons why clients should choose us as their subsidy provider. Reasons such as expertise, loyalty and professionalism were named. But, this is not it. We’re not just some ‘ordinary subsidy provider,’ we’re so much more. We take the time to speak to all our clients deeply and to get to know them. We actually care and understand, because the two co-founders of this company have been through the same trouble as their clients. They too were young and needed money to make their company survive. So before you decide that these words are written because of marketing purposes, think again. When you enter the MK community, you’ll realize that not only are we professionals in getting things done – we are also very fun to be around! Because in the end, we are all human. We need to have fun to yield the best results. So become a part of it all! Become a part of our subsidy community! And we promise you that this will be the best (professional) journey of your life. 

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