Academy: Modules

Subsidy and funding programs

Due to the changing subsidy landscape as a subsidy specialist you are always learning new things. This module provides the necessary basic knowledge of subsidy and financing programs and all relevant updates and changes. In the module it is also possible to specialize in a particular program.

Business Administration & Strategy

In order to provide customers with the best advice or for your own business, knowledge of strategic, organizational and financial aspects of organizations is indispensable. In the module Business Administration & Strategy this knowledge is shared and trained by professionals.

Rights & obligations regarding subsidy

As a subsidy specialist, you need to know the relevant legislation and regulations regarding subsidies. Can your knowledge use a refresher course? Or do you want to expand your knowledge in the tax area, for example? In this module you can gain knowledge of all relevant legal areas concerning subsidies.

Personal effectiveness

Working effectively on an individual level and in your team: in this module you take on the challenge to increase your effectiveness and your job satisfaction!

Account management

High-quality services and building and maintaining customer relationships are key to seeing your sales grow. This module consists of several tracks to develop your account management skills.

Writing and language skills

The module supports you to raise your subsidy applications and other documents textually and grammatically to a higher level. In this module you can develop both your professional Dutch and English writing and language skills.


This module offers the possibility to set up and realize your personal sales development goals with the help of various experts.

Individual development

Internal employees are given the opportunity to work on their individual development goals. This module supports this and offers the possibility to get professional coaching and training from one of our partners.

Organisation M&K

After following this module you are a full member of our subsidy community and you are up-to-date of all current processes, systems, quality standards, standards and values of the organization.


In this module, M & K employees and contractors learn all the ins and outs of the platform with which the organization works and can learn to become a true Salesforce pro!