Put that 7th cup of coffee down: Pro tips on how to relax as a busy entrepreneur

Quite often, entrepreneurs forget to switch off and relax. They just keep running on that treadmill and building up their companies, disregarding the fact that they run too fast and too long. Often times, startup founders don’t spend enough time with their families, friends or their partners. No, their MacBook is their best friend instead. And while their legs start to hurt because of the exercise overload, they don’t stop. They hide in their bubble of innovation and creation. All they can see is coffee, their agenda, clients and data. If they get caught up in this spiral of waking up, drinking coffee, opening up their laptop and working non-stop until the sunset, the chances are that they’ll eventually get a burnout. And that’s not what the society and the economy wants. So, how do you ever relax in such a hectic role as that of an entrepreneur? Read on for inspiration and to lower your chances of experiencing a burnout!

It’s about the mindset – turn your positive mode on

Willem Maas, the CCO of MK Subsidy said it clearly: “use humor to relax!” If you’re all stressed out because you have too many things to do and too many calls to handle, it’s probably time to tell yourself: “OK and now it’s time to think positive. Don’t be stressed.” Ask yourself: “what can I do now to influence the future in a positive way?” It’s always about the now. Just close your eyes and think straight. Because if you clear up your mind, you’ll be able to focus and make better decisions. And that’s exactly what the company wants! Make decisions that have a positive influence not solely on you, but that influence others well, too. 

Surround yourself with the facilities and people who make you feel relaxed

It’s not only about switching your mindset to a positive one. You need the facilities to relax, too. Get yourself a couch at the office, a yoga ball, play some relaxing music and get some plants in the office, too. This way, you’ll stay in touch with nature and nature can also foster a positive state of mind. Next to buying the right furniture, you also need to create a friendly environment in your office. Get some healthy, delicious snacks and if you’re planning to host Friday drinks, buy some beers, wine and pizzas, too! This way, you’ll instantly turn the office into a relaxed environment. 

However, don’t forget that having the ‘right’ people around you plays a huge role as well. Spend enough time with your family, with your loved one, call your friends and play with your cat! Or, if you are slightly more adventurous, go out and meet new people. Get to know new cultures. That can be a great way to relax as well!

Find what makes you happy – perform a hobby!

We all need hobbies to relax. Maas claims that everybody finds pleasure in different activities – some people do sports; such as running, others play music, paint, go to the bar, spend their time in spa, build something or clean their house. The amount of hobbies is countless. Some people prefer meditation and switching off over partying in a night club and that’s totally fine. We are all different and that’s why we have to find what we, as individuals, love to do. Don’t be forced to cook if you know you’ll never like it (no, I’m not telling you to order take-away meals all the time though!). Find yourself a person who loves cooking and finds it relaxing to cook. As mentioned above, surround yourself with people who set you into a positive mindset and stick to them. 

For Maas, cooking is a favorite hobby, it’s the best way to relax. Why? It’s all about combining the right ingredients, touching, smelling and in the end, eating the creation you’ve made! 

It’s all about finding balance in your life: the 80-20 rule

What’s also very difficult for most entrepreneurs is finding the right balance between work and relaxation in life. The 80-20 rule explains that to find this balance, you should spend 80% of your time on the tasks you like and the other 20% should be spent on the tasks that you don’t feel like doing but that have to be done. Therefore, work hard and smart! Stop counting the amount of hours left before it’s time to take the bus home. This would only make you unproductive and it would force you to stay up late and do the tasks that you didn’t feel like doing before. Work hard and smart, not long. 

And when the weekend comes around, switch off! Sleep enough and take enough vacations to help you regain energy and inspiration. 

At MK Subsidy, we care about our employees and their health. We know that if someone gets a burnout, the company will suffer. That’s why, and also because the amount of burnouts is rising, we’ve created this list of ways how to relax during and after work. Our advice is to use this and remember that it is impossible to work an 80-hour work-week. Humans are no robots. We need to relax and to take care of ourselves. So take a break, put some nice music on, and close your eyes. And once you open them, get busy with your innovative project again. Want to stay calm about your finances? We’ve got you covered! Visit our subsidy page or pitch your project to us directly and we’ll get in touch about your subsidy potential. Don’t worry, be happy!

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