Steenhoven: “Don’t be scared of subsidies! They get you up and running”

At MK Subsidy, the consultants are an essential part of the game. Without their decade-long expertise, drive to work and skills, we wouldn’t have been as successful as today. That’s why it’s important to recognize this group in our company. Without them, the road to success wouldn’t be as smooth. Laurens Steenhoven, a consultant and customer success manager, was asked to describe his impressions about working as one of the key stakeholders for us. His answers were manifold.

Laurens’s consulting journey: the beginnings and the now

Laurens has joined the company in 2018 as a consultant. He’s chosen to work here, because he wanted to “broaden his perspective in terms of subsidies.” Also, he recalls that there was an immediate click between him and Willem and Bastiaan, the two founders of the company. That’s one of the strongest reasons to join a company, isn’t it?

Another reason why he was hired is because of having years of experience in the subsidy area. Also, being very fast in applying for the WBSO subsidy has granted him a place at our company. Laurens is currently the only one handling these types of subsidy applications. Next to being a consultant, he’s also responsible for the on-boarding of new clients and consultants. Answering any questions that his team of consultants may have is also an important responsibility. When it comes to individual clients he deals with, he says that it’s mainly IT companies with software development that he works with.

But first, what is it like to work for us? Laurens starts the day by discussing his work-related priorities with the team. He then checks his email to see whether there are any questions the fellow consultants need addressed and whether there are any new clients to onboard. While sipping a cup of coffee, he handles individual clients and checks if all subsidy pages on our website are up to date.

Facing consulting challenges and dealing with them

Consulting work can be very fun, but it could also bring some challenges along. Some challenges that Laurens faces include transforming client’s ideas into a concrete, realistic plan for the subsidy application. Basically, making the client’s projects tangible is considered difficult. Next to that, hitting deadlines on time and complying with administrative responsibilities for the subsidy applications is hard. As a consultant, you always have to be alert about the changes in a client’s project (budgeting, sudden scarcity of resources) and have to inform the government about those as they happen.

The good news is that those challenges can be overcome. While interviewing his clients, Laurens gets a clear insight into their project plans. He then steers the clients’ projects into the “right direction.” He tells the clients that because of the government’s regulations, some things in the projects need to be adjusted. And of course, to hit all subsidy deadlines, Laurens plans his work as much as possible. That’s an absolute golden rule for a consultant!

Final words for consultants and entrepreneurs

Finally, there’s two messages to deliver. To all the consultants having experience with subsidies, don’t hesitate to come work with us! MK Subsidy is a very future-focused subsidy office, keeping to develop its services and make the application for subsidies as digital as never before. If you’re an innovative-thinking individual, you would surely fit in well!

To all the entrepreneurs out there, don’t be scared of subsidies! You may think that the government is a controlling body when it comes to your projects, but actually it provides you the opportunity to get the needed funds to grow.

What are you waiting for? If you’re an ambitious, forward-thinking consultant who’s excited to have fun and be challenged, you should definitely contact us to work with us. At the same time, this article is also dedicated to any innovative entrepreneur wanting to get funded. Contact us or pitch your project here to get tailored advice about which subsidy would suit you best and what needs to be done for successful subsidy applications. If you’re a consultant or an entrepreneur, either way we’d be happy to welcome you in our office and drink coffee with you!

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