Stronger together: we’re now a proud partner of Holland FinTech

After a couple of months of going back and forth, exchanging calls and emails, we can proudly announce that we’ve closed a partnership deal with Holland FinTech

About Holland FinTech

Based in Amsterdam, Holland FinTech is a financial technology hub of start-ups and scale-ups. They foster an inclusive ecosystem to share knowledge and facilitate getting business done. Benefits of teaming up with them include being able to find talent faster and engaging large audiences through their network. Next, engaging with their community and getting connected to FinTech thought leaders are also advantages of this partnership. They also match startups to corporates. This helps small companies scale up and it gives the traditional corporates a boost of fresh innovation. Currently, their network hosts more than 500 member companies, which includes more than 22.000 people. They’ve gone a long way since their foundation in 2014! 

Further, Holland FinTech is an interesting partner to work together with, since they have contacts with network organizations in the U.S., U.K., Singapore, Israel and in the Netherlands. This means that once we expand our subsidy services further, we could contact the international financial parties via Holland FinTech. They’ve got so much to offer us. Perhaps there are other benefits of this partnership that we haven’t thought of yet!

About our added value together

As a valuable partner, Holland FinTech offers a large network of parties in the financial and technological industry that we could connect with. What could result from the valuable connections we are about to make are new clients, partners or even consultants! We are also very much looking forward to all the events that we’ll host together. Sharing our rich knowledge of subsidies with our new peers of this ecosystem is something that we want to do. Not to forget, we look forward to growing our company by getting inspired by the success stories that get shared within the network, by pitching our company and by networking with the praised thought leaders. Let’s get this going!

On the other hand, what we have to offer to Holland FinTech is also worth mentioning. In this partnership, we’ll get connected to the members of the community. Consequently, we’ll provide our all-star services to the future clients in need of funding. This way, it’ll be a win-win situation – we’ll provide the subsidies to the ones in need and Holland FinTech, our partner, gets closer to their goal of becoming an inclusive ecosystem for all things Finance. If we are happy, our partner is happy too. That’s the way we do business at MK Subsidy. Did we get your attention and do you want to become our future partner now? Contact us and we’ll gladly discuss all the opportunities with you.

Future goals

If we imagine where our partnership with Holland FinTech will lead to in five or ten years, we can’t help but smile. In five years, we want to become the leading platform providing subsidies in the Netherlands, says Willem Maas, the CCO of MK Subsidy. Together with Holland FinTech, we want to increase entrepreneurs’ awareness about the different subsidies available and we hope to help an increasing amount of startups and scale-ups with getting their well-deserved money. Next to that, Maas is looking forward to the collaboration with Holland FinTech in advising the Dutch government about which subsidies are effective and which ones should be emphasized. In sum: there’s plenty of exciting times ahead and we can’t wait for them together!

In conclusion, we’re very excited to be a partner of Holland FinTech. We believe that together, we’ll make our companies grow to the next level. Since our partnership is a win-win situation where Holland FinTech provides us with a large network of potential clients, getting recognition in return, we’re sure that this partnership will be a true success! Did we convince you to join our network as a future partner? Reach out to us now and let’s empower each other!

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