Demonstration scheme Climate technologies and innovations in transport (DKTI)

Within the Demonstration Scheme Climate Technologies and Innovations in Transport (DKTI) regulation you can apply for a subsidy for transport solutions with low or no CO2 emissions.


With the subsidy, you finance a demonstration project for sustainable transport. The innovation is not yet on the market. It has a strong business case and is viable. The focus of the DKTI Transport on demonstration projects has been translated into the following project types. You can apply for a:

  • project experimental garden
  • project experimental development
  • project feasibility study
  • project innovation cluster
  • project co-financing

Who can submit?

  • Enterprises
  • Knowledge institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations


The contribution differs per project application.


From the 26th April 2019 9AM until the 4th September 2019, you can apply for this subsidy. You can apply for a feasibility study development, innovation cluster and co-financing.

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