Geothermal energy subsidy

The subsidy scheme is made for creators of innovative developments for sustainable energy, such as non-fossil energy storage and geothermal energy. If you take risks, integrity, the interest of society and security into consideration, then you are most likely to be eligible for this subsidy.

Who can apply for this subsidy?

The aim of this subsidy are new developments for the safe, robust and cost efficient attainment of geothermal energy. Not to forget, if you’re developing a non-fossil energy storage, then you’re also eligible for this subsidy scheme. Are you working on new, affordable products for sustainable energy from underground, or do you store sustainable energy underground? If that is the case, then we’d want to know more!

Don’t forget that you get special attention and extra points if you lower your risks, increase the positive social impact and if you integrate the installations for underground use.

General criteria

  1. Only a partnership with at least one entrepreneur can apply for this subsidy
  2. Your project must match the description of this subsidy scheme
  3. You can’t outsource your project (completely). If you hire third parties for the project, then this won’t count as a collaboration at your own risk
  4. The costs to third parties cannot exceed 50% of the total investment costs and reference costs, if your project is at the demonstration-stage.
  5. You cannot start with your project before the subsidy application has been filed
  6. Projects must start no later than six months after you’ve heard about the decision of your application
  7. Your project must be technically and economically feasible
  8. You must take care of financing your own share within the project costs
  9. Make sure that the economic and technical part of operations is well justified.

The budget for this subsidy is EUR 1.000.000.

Apply for this subsidy from 1 july 9AM to 8 october 5PM!



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