Limburg Makers has the concrete goal of strengthening the manufacturing industry in the Limburg region.


The Limburg Makers program wants to achieve this by offering full support to the SMEs that are based in the region. The support is offered in the following forms:

  • Consultancy projects; for the hiring of external expertise
  • Knowledge tracks; connecting university and higher professional education institutions in Limburg
  • Innovation projects; stimulate innovation developments within an SME

Who can submit?

SMEs based in Limburg.


The subsidy scheme differs per project.

  • Advisory project: budget of € 19,880, amounts to 50% of the project costs with a maximum of € 10,000
  • Knowledge project: budget unknown, subsidy amounts to 75% of the project costs and a maximum of € 15,000
  • Innovation project: budget of € 350,000, subsidy is 35% and maximum € 70,000

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