MIA - Environmental Investment Allowance

The Environmental Investment Allowance encourages companies to invest in environmentally friendly business assets by offering a discount on the Corporation tax when investing in the necessary assets.


With the MIA you can benefit from an investment deduction that can be up to 36% of the investment amount. This is in addition to your usual investment deduction.

Through the MIA scheme you can:

  • fiscally advantageous investing in environmentally friendly products or company resources;
  • bring innovative, environmentally friendly products to the market faster.

Who can submit?

All Dutch entrepreneurs who pay income or corporation tax can use the MIA. The scheme is interesting for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, shipping and industry, but also for entrepreneurs who invest in sustainable transport, sustainable recreation and sustainable buildings.

Subsidy amount

The budget for 2019 for MIA is € 114 million. € 25 million will be available for VAMIL this year. For each report, the investment must be at least € 2,500 in order to qualify for VAMIL or MIA.


You must submit within 3 months after entering into the investment obligation.

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