On-the-job training

With the Subsidy Scheme for on-the-job training, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science encourages employers to offer practical training places and work placements.


The subsidy is an allowance for an employer in the costs he incurs for the supervision of a pupil, participant or student. The subsidy is also a contribution towards the salary or supervision costs of a PhD student or technological designer in training.

The subsidy scheme focuses primarily on vulnerable groups in the labor market in which youth unemployment is a major problem, on students who follow a course in sectors where there is a shortage of qualified personnel and on academic staff that is indispensable for the Dutch skilled economy.

Who can submit?

In the subsidy scheme, employer means the company or organization that provides the practical part of the training for the participant.

Subsidy amount

The budget is divided as follows:

  • VMBO (pre-vocational education): € 1.4 million
  • MBO (middle-level applied education): € 193.9 million
  • HBO (higher professional education): € 3.4 million
  • PhD students: € 2.8 million

The maximum subsidy amount is € 2,700 per training or work place. The scheme does not work according to the ‘first come first served’ principle. All timely submitted applications will be processed. If the available subsidy budget is exceeded per education category, the budget is divided equally between the submitted applications in that category.


The deadline for the academic year 2018-2019 is 16th of September.


Do not wait until the last moment with the application, but do this as soon as possible after completing the guidance process.

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