SME Deposit (BMKB)

The deposit for SMEs is intended to reduce bottlenecks that occur in the case of lending to SMEs by private credit institutions.


The BMKB is a credit which is supplemented by a deposit from the government. This makes it easier for SMEs to apply for credit from banks or other credit institutions.

Who can submit?

Do you have ideas about how obstacles to investing in training and development can be removed? Your project must focus on 1 of the following types of investment:

  • Investments to ensure more technically trained staff
  • Investments in human capital with a view to digitization
  • Investments in human capital with a view to climate and energy transition


The subsidy amounts to 100% of the eligible costs. Eligible costs are all reasonably incurred costs that are directly related to the implementation of the project. These are, for example, wage costs of the applicant or costs that the applicant incurs for engaging third parties. No specific cost types are excluded. Read more about eligible costs in the Framework Decision National EZ subsidies.

The minimum participation in a project per participant (= the minimum grant amount) is € 25,000, the maximum amount is € 124,999 including VAT. The maximum grant for partnerships is € 200,000. The same amounts apply to participants in a partnership as for individual applicants: a minimum of € 25,000 and a maximum of € 124,999. Projects with higher costs are also eligible for a grant but with the above maximum amounts.


Open for submission.


Starter companies and innovative businesses have extra favourable conditions.

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