Stimulation Sustainable Energy Production - SDE +

The SDE + subsidy stimulates the production of sustainable energy and focuses on companies and (non-profit) institutions. Renewable energy is generated from clean, inexhaustible sources and is therefore also called ‘renewable energy’.

Who can submit?

  • Businesses
  • (Non-profit) settings


You can apply for SDE + subsidy for the production of the renewable energy using the following methods:

  • Biomass: Investments in fermentation and co-fermentation of manure, all-purpose fermentation, thermal conversion, wastewater and sewage treatment and heat transfer from existing waste incineration plants.
  • Geothermal: Also called geothermal energy
  • Water: Installations that derive energy from hydropower, free flow energy or osmosis.
  • Wind: Generation of energy through wind turbines.
  • Zon: Investments in solar panels or solar thermal energy.
  • Wind op Zee: This is an SDE + category with its own budget and application procedure.

Subsidy amount

The total budget for 2019 is €12 billion. There will be two openings in 2019 (€ 5 billion per opening). The first opening runs from 12 March to 4 April. Each opening round consists of 3 phases in which the amount rises per kWh generated. This means that you have to make a choice for which subsidy amount you submit an application. The higher the amount, the more the risk that there is no budget for your application. Through our contacts with the government and knowledge of the scheme, we can actively advise you on the most effective moment of submission.

We advise you to prepare the application well before the deadline and contact us.


There are two phases in the year for submitting applications for these subsidies: in the spring and in the autumn. You can apply for the SDE+ between Tuesday, 29th October 9AM and Thursday, 14th November 5PM. The budget for this is €5 billion.

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