VFF - Early Phase Financing

Innovative products and ideas can help solve social issues and increase prosperity. A crucial phase here is the step from research (or idea or concept) to a commercial product (or process or service) that is suitable for the market.


Companies are less likely to go through the early phase and the first follow-up phase due to lack of funding. This is especially the case when entrepreneurs want to bring innovative concepts and ideas to the market. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has developed early phase financing (VFF) to help companies in the early or renewal phase.

The development of a commercial or salable prototype is not covered by early phase financing (VFF).

Who can submit?

  • SME entrepreneurs (small and medium-sized);
  • Innovative starter companies (<5 years);
  • Academic innovative start-ups (whose economic activities are directly and immediately derived from research by a university, an academic hospital).


You can apply for this subsidy between 1st January and 31st December, 5PM.


The innovation credit or MIT subsidy may also be interesting as an alternative.

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