Subsidy acquisition: 5 tips for a successful MIT application

You are an SME. Your business is flourishing. You excel in innovation. Yet your innovative mission can use a financial boost. So you are eager to submit an MIT subsidy. But how do you do that and which factors are crucial for a successful application?

The subsidy game has its own rules. Below are 5 tips to give yourself a head start.

Tip 1: In what phase is my innovation project?

With the MIT scheme you can both set up and implement innovation projects. All phases of an innovation process are subsidized. To determine your instrument it is important to know the phase in order to apply for the right subsidy.

Tip 2: Does my application fit with the subsidy-providing region?

Always dedicate yourself to the local requirements of the region in which you make your subsidy application. Be aware that each region (sometimes at provincial level) has its own assessors, uses different budgets and has different conditions. For example, project x has more chance of success in one region than in another.

Tip 3: Have I chosen the right top sector?

Select the top sectors that are relevant to your innovation project. Then check whether your project fits in with the themes that the government considers important here. Integral projects have a greater chance of success. Include complementary partners in your application wherever possible.

Tip 4: Does my project connect to a RIS?

RIS stands for regional investment strategy. Increase your subsidy opportunity by linking up with themes or projects that are (high on) the investment agenda in the region in which you apply for subsidy.

Tip 5: Am I inexhaustible or do I need help?

Subsidy acquisition is not only the grand prize, but a league on its own. Sometimes you have to be stubborn, take a deep breath and carry on. If you cannot see the forest for the trees, turn to professional help. Our professional experts are happy to help you.

The key to success is a sophisticated timing and solid knowledge of internal processes and people. Gerard Benckhuijsen

The golden combination of sophisticated timing and solid knowledge of the subsidy process

Maas & Kleiberg unburdens you as the client and increases your subsidy opportunities. With knowledge, experience and network we submit the right application, in the right place, at the right time.

Are you that innovative SME entrepreneur looking for MIT subsidy? Be quick! The MIT scheme for 2017 is already open from 11 April. Note, it is ‘first come, first serve’. For 2017, therefore, the most subsidy opportunities lie in applications aimed at R & D cooperation projects. This instrument is open longer for submission.

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