Technology trends easily scoring you a subsidy

As a newbie in the startup world, it could be pretty challenging to survive. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur in a popular market – the barriers to entry in this case are very high. However, which trends do we see in technology? Are there some emerging trends where it’s possible to make a breakthrough impact, without worrying for your startup’s future? Certainly. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and CleanTech startups are all trends we see that still give starting entrepreneurs space to shine. 


Nowadays, there are very few blockchain startups that create a real impact. At least in Europe, we see many potentially successful blockchain startups emerge. However, since the whole phenomenon is relatively new and since many people don’t believe in it, this is why the blockchain craze still has to escalate. It’s precisely because the blockchain phenomenon hasn’t emerged yet fully that there’s still a lot of space to innovate and to own the market. Authenteq, an Icelandic/German startup, uses blockchain to encrypt and store users’ identity while verifying it within 60-seconds. It owns and controls a so-called eID that gives the users complete control and ownership over their identity online. Neufund, another example of a successful German blockchain startup, is a blockchain-based asset tokenization and equity investment platform. Their originality lies in establishing a legally-enforceable link between a token and an equity. This enables any entity to conduct a public offering on blockchain. Their Equity Token Offering combines the advantages of a Venture Capital round, an Initial Public Offering and an Initial Coin Offering. Funds can be raised in EUR and in ETH, giving anyone the chance to raise funds in a transparent way. 

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Lately, there has been a lot going on in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sphere. Technology developments in AI happen so fast that barely anybody could follow them. Surely, there has been a lot more going on in this field than in blockchain, because the term (AI) was first mentioned in 1956. Blockchain was first coined in 2008, so there’s quite some development differences between those two. However, there’s still quite some significant space to innovate in, since, once again, many are still sceptical about what AI has in store. Successful startups such as Phrasee, Aiva Technologies and Unbabel are all to take note of. Phrasee uses AI that automates marketing materials such as Facebook ads and voiceovers, while Aiva generates music using AI. Unbabel uses AI to translate documents. Shortly, there’s a lot that you can do if your systems are taught some AI algorithms. The boundaries are almost limitless. 

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Circular economy and sustainability 

To become a successful CleanTech startup is quite a challenge. This is because there’s quite some fierce competition in this field, but in the end, there’s not that many groundbreaking innovators that would magically be able to change the world. Not that this would be possible, but until now, not many CleanTech startups have stood out. The Dutch Land Life Company is one of the few European startups standing out by creating an innovative planting technology which enables trees to grow in dry, degraded soil. Another company, Fairphone, has created the first ethical and modular smartphone. Its phones are made of fair materials, actively campaigning against cobalt (a material that’s used in lithium-ion batteries) mining. What they also do is sell off their spare parts, supporting the circular economy take-off. 

Have you got a sustainable or a circular idea that would help lessen the impact of global warming? These subsidies:

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By now, you should see the light at the end of the tunnel. The most important take-away from this article is that there’s always hope when it comes to innovating and staying in the game. And as a newbie, you should seriously consider applying for some of our subsidies, because, as you can read in some of our previous articles (here and there) subsidies make you stronger. Subsidies don’t only make you seem more attractive in your peers eyes, they also make your competitors envy you that you’re getting attention from the government and from private investors. So don’t hesitate any further – pitch your idea on our platform and we’ll open the door to your growth opportunities!

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