The 3 biggest traps of a subsidy trajectory

The subsidy landscape is a varied landscape. Full of green richness and the promise of breathtaking views … but also unexpected river currents and confusing side paths. You will not be the first entrepreneur to underestimate the ups and downs of a subsidy trajectory. Maas & Kleiberg therefore lists the 3 most common traps for you.

The promise of hitting the jackpot for your dream project can sometimes create hazy vision. It is not strange, not crazy, but something to keep in mind. That is why the experts from Maas & Kleiberg have made the top 3 things for you that are most underestimated in a subsidy project.

Below are the most common pitfalls that can make your subsidy opportunities disappear like snow in the sun.

Trap 1: Underestimating the required level

Applicants are not always well informed about the nature of the in-depth assessment, which must be made in the application. Some subsidy providers require a substantive approach (for example with regard to technical information or an explanation of the broader social relevance), but others require a specific type of jargon. It is therefore important to know exactly which subsidy provider you are dealing with and which accents the content of the application must meet. Our experts have an advantage, because it is ‘our business to know’. We know the playing field, we know the people, we know the requirements. Even if they change.

Pitfall 2: Underestimating the administrative requirements

The administrative requirements can be overwhelming and also vary per subsidy. Not infrequently, subsidy providers require highly detailed time sheets, project files, progress reports, final reports and interim evaluations. This can all be checked by unexpected administrative checks. It is therefore important to give you a thorough account of the administrative requirements. MK – The Subsidy Community developed a handy app for this purpose, which not only provides insight into the administrative obligations, but also a practical tool to keep the project administration up to date and manage it in accordance with the applicable conditions.

Pitfall 3: Underestimating knowledge of place and momentum

The Netherlands has around 1400 subsidies. How do you know where to knock for your project and when? Knowing the right time in combination with the right place is the key to success. For a solid, sustainable subsidy flow, it is crucial that you have a sharp focus on the subsidies that are relevant to your company. Then it is important that you start preparing the application on time. Calculate a hefty preparation time in particular when you want to claim cooperation subsidy, such as those from MIT. Are you too busy to pick this yourself? No worries, our experts are experienced process supervisors, who can also help you with suitable partners through their extensive network.

Knowing the right time in combination with the right place is the key to success. For a solid, sustainable subsidy flow, it is crucial that you have the subsidies that are relevant to your company in focus. Gerard Benckhuijsen

Do you want to be able to fully enjoy the views that the Dutch subsidy landscape has to offer? Then hire an experienced guide. Our consultants are happy to show you the way. This way you can be sure that you get what your company is entitled to. Because as you know, nothing is more expensive than missed opportunities.

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