The Netherlands: The subsidy heaven you’ve been looking for

Subsidies. They are everywhere around you, you just have to keep your eyes sharp and they will appear once you look for them. This is probably one of the reasons why so many startups thrive here in the Netherlands – this country is to be known as the subsidy heaven (others refer to it as “tax paradise”). Why? Because there are so many subsidies to choose from! As an individual, you can apply for subsidies such as housing allowance or healthcare allowance. On the other hand, as a business, you can apply for subsidies including the SDG Partnership (SDGP) facility, SDE+, MIA, EIA, and so forth. Feeling lost in this subsidy heaven? No worries; this is where we, MK Subsidy, guide you through it all!

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1. 1388 Subsidies to choose from

To start off with, in the Netherlands alone, there are about 1400 subsidies to apply for. That sounds insane! How does one keep track of all these subsidies? Well, we must admit that we don’t provide access to all the subsidies, but we do have expertise in about a third of all the subsidies in the Netherlands. And that’s quite some considerable achievement, taking into account that we aren’t a very large subsidy community and that we have been founded only 10 years ago

2. Tax advantages wherever you go, whatever you do

Several subsidies provide so many tax advantages that establishing an innovative technological startup in the Netherlands soon becomes profitable. For example, the well-known WBSO tax scheme stimulates entrepreneurs to invest into R&D by getting a discount on their payroll tax as a result. So the more you invest into researching and developing your product/service, the less taxes you have to pay. Off you go with your WBSO application

3. The diversity in the subsidies is enormous

You can apply for as many subsidies as you like; be it a subsidy to provide extra training to your employees or a subsidy for switching to renewable energy sources. You decide. There honestly are no limitations to how you carry out your subsidy application(s), but what you do have to keep in mind is that some subsidies have deadlines. So keep an eye on that, because if you miss the deadline, the given subsidy might not be available next year! Luckily, MK Subsidy created the subsidy calendar for you and you can get direct notifications on your phone to know when to start applying for what. Isn’t that kind of us? 🙂 

4. Most important reason: MK Subsidy is based in the Netherlands!

You saw that one coming, didn’t you? The Netherlands is a subsidy heaven, because we, MK Subsidy, help foster it. Of course the Dutch government could have many subsidies to apply for, but if there’s no agency facilitating the access to them, would they then be made use of? Probably not. That’s why we exist; to guide you through this financial mayhem! We pave the way to subsidies for doing business abroad, subsidies for your personnel, innovation or for energy and sustainability. It’s up to you what your business’ focus is. We won’t tell you what to do. Instead, we want to hear what your future plans are and we’d want to support you in every way so that you can carry on with your innovation journey smoothly! And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again; maybe you’ll come back to us and apply for two, three, or four new subsidies (just like our current clients do). We’ll leave that on you!

In short, the Netherlands is a subsidy heaven for a number of reasons. Not only are there many subsidies to begin with – the diversity between them is enormous. In many cases, you could get tax advantages for performing some type of a socially/economically beneficial behavior, such as investing into R&D or investing into solar panels. Whatever you decide to work on, we’ll support it fully.

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