The role of ICT in Responsible Trust and the performance of innovation projects

Now that our organization is getting more sizeable and the interests are getting bigger, one of the spearheads in our strategy is higher quality services, more innovative technology companies and compliance with not only our submitted subsidy proposals. But also the (innovation | international | investment) projects of our clients. With this, we are going a step further in the efficient and responsible way of spending community money.

In 2013, we already laid the foundation for this by choosing a suitable platform for recording and documenting innovation dossiers submitted by us on behalf of our clients. As future market leader, it was decided to do business with the market leader in CRM solutions Salesforce. A unique and highly innovative platform with which we are able to get an ≥8.3 rating from our clients throughout 2016 when it comes to quality and service. This innovative platform enables us, in addition to customer satisfaction, to properly document and reproduce the applications we provide for our clients, which makes us a reliable and good partner for subsidy bodies.

Starting point

A simple reproducibility of every file was and remains the starting point. No request within our organization leaves the proverbial door for this reproduction to be guaranteed and ethically justified. Strict monitoring follows this, due to a separate function within our organization, whereby the file is tested for completeness. We test four elements for each file.

Element 1: reason and basis of the file
In order to arrive at a good and responsible application, attention must first be paid to the type of program to which the proposal is submitted. For programs where a form or a quotation is sufficient as the basis for the application, the nature of a report is different in nature from an extensive program where several parties are applicants and the content of the project must be discussed in detail. If this is the case, the file will contain several reports of discussions, from which it can be derived how the application was made. These reports are checked against date, discussion partners, discussion points and choices that have been made that are relevant to the application.

Element 2: legal power of attorney
To be able to conduct legal acts on behalf of our clients, the legal proxy is necessary. With the power of attorney our client gives our organization the formal authority to perform legal acts on behalf of our organization in our specific area of ​​expertise. When checking the file, due to the separate function, besides attendance attention is paid to the following substantive aspects:

  • period during which the power of attorney applies;
  • ascription proxy;
  • relationship between the application and the power of attorney (does the power of attorney apply to the application?);
  • is the power of attorney signed by the UBO (Ultimate Benificial Owner);
  • the power of attorney has been signed for the date of the legal act.

Elements 3 and 4: the application and the agreement
Before submitting the final proposal to the subsidy granting authority, the final application is submitted to the client, with the request to clearly agree to submit the proposal. Both the application and the agreement are then recorded in the digital file on our own platform.

Responsible trust

MK – The Subsidy Community has set the bar high and has created a standard with which the entire application process can be reproduced. If there are questions in the context of Responsible Trust, then inspection can be provided at any time in the process of applications.

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However, the role of MK – The Subsidy Community is not limited to the application process. It is precisely our clients, on whose behalf there is formal action, that in practice have a great responsibility when it comes to the efficient and responsible use of the subsidy awarded, since they are the formal applicant.

In practice, it is possible that there are questions from the client that relate to accountability. Maas & Kleiberg has acted here since the start of the company in 2009 as an expert advisor who informs the client about all the provisions that are binding on the basis of an issued decision.

In addition to the reproduction of the application file and the advice on accountability, Maas & Kleiberg now also offers a completely new and innovative service when it comes to justifying the innovation dossier for subsidy recipients.

The solution

Through the digital documentation on our platform and our innovation drive, we have developed functionality that allows you to easily establish a substantiation at file level with the help of a very user-friendly mobile application.

All R & D / project employees can be provided with a very user-friendly mobile application that can be downloaded from the App store.

In the application the innovation projects of your organization are clearly displayed and with the push of a button your R & D / project employees register and enter realized hours. At the push of a button, project documents are added, such as reports, drawings, code, photos of prototypes, recordings, invoices etc. But free text can also be added.

With the mobile application, R & D employees write hours and document simple (technical) documents so that your organization meets the legal obligations.

With your own login on our platform you can easily make analyzes of your R & D department at the project, employee and period level. As a result, you measure the performance of your innovation projects in real time and know immediately how much subsidy you are entitled to and what bottlenecks / phases have been spent more or less time and which employee has worked on this.

By means of push notifications, users can receive instructions or receive reminders so that timely and correct administration takes place.

In addition to the mobile application for your R & D / project staff and the login for analysis on your innovation projects, there is more. Your permanent advisor looks at the same platform and is always aware of the progress of your innovation projects. This way everyone is informed and the progress is completely transparent.

With the help of a chat function you can ask questions to your personal advisor who has provided the request for you. The expert advisor answers, if desired, all questions from your R & D / project staff and assists the R & D / project manager within the organization with up-to-date reports, conclusions and recommendations. All legal acts that result from these discussions are of course carefully carried out by your regular advisor. The focus of the R & D / project staff will then remain focused on the innovation project and the milestones to be achieved.

Our employees and I look forward to talking to you and maximizing your innovation projects. Bastiaan Kleiberg

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