Two highly relevant subsidy topics that could make your company grow immensely

The world needs us urgently. The world needs the intelligence of innovative, creative and proactive minds to create a breakthrough. A revolution. Just listen to what our mother Earth, nature and our environment have to say. They are in need of less CO2 emissions. They are desperate for more attention. How should we address this? Think about the efficient use of technology, such as drones being used to check if all the cattle and fields are hydrated and if they get enough care. Do you happen to be innovating in this field? There’s a lot of subsidies available that you can apply for! However, the average entrepreneur isn’t aware of this. We’re here to finance all innovative ideas contributing to a cleaner, greener and a safer world. We’re here to make the work of an entrepreneur easier through taking care of all the money matters. This way, the entrepreneur can focus on their innovations and on making the world a better place!

Types of subsidies we can file an application for

There are four big subsidy themes that we specialize ourselves in. This week, we’ll discuss two of them and next week we’ll look at the other two. 

International business

Do you have an established business in the Netherlands, but are you thinking of expanding to other (European) countries? Luckily, there are enough subsidies to make this happen. Nowadays, it’s impossible to operate all alone in the international market, without any help from partners. Of course you should start small, but to scale up, you need to go international. The international market has a lot more to offer than the Dutch market alone! And let’s face it: because there’s a growing amount of international startups established or settled in the Netherlands, it’s handy to get to know them and who knows – perhaps you could end up applying for a subsidy together!

Examples of subsidies suggested for internationally-ambitious companies are the following:

Starters International Business

-> helps starting SMEs with setting up their company and it supports them when scaling up into international markets.

Partners for International Business

-> focused on groups of companies which want to expand abroad together. 

Dutch Good Growth Fund

-> makes it possible for Dutch SMEs to expand into a developing country so that the economic growth of the given country is stimulated.


One who doesn’t invest in their employees is unwise. Because if you don’t do your best to satisfy your workers, then they don’t have any motivation to stay. It’s as simple as that. Satisfied employees make the difference between a growing, successful company and a stagnating, unexciting company. It’s easy to say which of these two your company compares to. However, often times there are things that you, as a busy entrepreneur, forget to do for your personnel. Don’t worry, subsidies can fix things here as well!

Make your employees happy and give them educational opportunities through the following subsidies:

EKIW Scheme

-> 30% of the wages given to young employees with a Master degree will be untaxed. This is to compensate for the costs spent upon moving to the Netherlands.

Mobility Bonus for Employers

-> this is a premium discount for employers who employ people with a disease or a disability.

On-the-job training

-> is aimed at vulnerable groups in the labor market where youth unemployment is a major problem. This is to offer work placements and practical training places for these groups.

The subsidies just mentioned are the tip of the iceberg, though. We, MK Subsidy, are experts in a lot more subsidies, but of course we can’t mention them all at once. To discover more subsidies where we could file an application for you, click here. Or, if you have any specific questions, fill in the form below. Are you curious to know why you should choose us as your subsidy provider? Read this article. We promise that together, we’ll make the world a cleaner, greener and a safer place. A simple email addressed to us or your pitch showing off your great project could make a big difference. Do it now, apply for one of our subsidies! Happy pitching.

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