Welcome to the M&K Academy!

The online & offline learning environment of M&K – The Subsidy Community

The M&K Academy was founded with the aim of stimulating and supporting the professional development of subsidy specialists. A subsidy specialist often feels at ease in many markets, but it is important to stay up-to-date with the developments in the subsidy landscape and to continually find challenges at work which keep the work interesting. It is also crucial that the job satisfaction levels are high – if it is so, this reflects that investment in professional development is of great importance.

Subsidy specialists can follow all kinds of modules within the M&K Academy. The modules are all part of the varied package that consists of 10 different modules. Do you work with subsidies and are you interested in following one of these modules? Then sign up on the page below. 

The content of the modules is aimed to teach people both online and offline. There is a possibility to follow trainings and workshops. E-learning is also a part of our LMS (learning management system) which forms the basis of every module. The learning methods differ and within each module, one may collaborate with various professionals, coaches and trainers. One of the agencies the M&K Academy works closely with is called Deen; an experienced agency that offers various services in the field of HR, personnel development and giving advice. The Academy also offers modules and workshops that are developed internally.