Uw innovaties naar een hoger niveau en zorgen voor aanvullende financiering. Hiervoor bieden we de dienst innovatiesupport aan.

What is innovation support?

In addition to the subsidy research and subsidy management, we also provide complementary services for your innovation projects.

Through collaboration with carefully selected partners, we can bring your innovation project and company to higher Technology Readiness Levels.


During the business analysis we identify the possibilities in the field of innovation support and additional financing. Then we will make our network available to partners to, for example, submit a patent application. We can also make your business plan and R&D plan stronger. This will ensure that your innovations reach the market faster!


We have partners with expertise in the following areas, among others:

  • patent attorneys
  • tax specialists
  • crowdfunding
  • credits
  • knowledge institutions
  • R&D organizations

With these additional expertises you get innovation support at the desired level and ensure that you get maximum return from innovations.