Subsidy management

Effective subsidy management ensures maximum return on subsidies. We unburden your organization so that you can fully focus on your core business.

What is subsidy management?

With subsidy management we take care of the concerns regarding subsidies. We take care of the project tests, application and communication with the subsidy providers.

Through years of experience and knowledge of subsidy schemes, we know how to present your projects in the most effective way. This makes the success of your project very high. The basis for this is the report in which we describe your subsidy options. From these options we jointly decide which applications we submit for you.


The subsidy management is a continuous process whereby we ensure that you get the maximum benefit from subsidies. Subsidy processes often have the following process steps:

  • approach the subsidy provide
  • drafting a project test
  • distributing the project test to interested subsidy providers
  • draw up the application
  • submit the application
  • possibly sending additional correspondence
  • if necessary, an objection and / or appeal procedure
  • prepare progress report(s)
  • administrative accounting and attending audit visits

What is the turnaround time?

The processing time of an application depends on the type of regulation, complexity, treatment period of the subsidy provider, etc. The duration of a subsidy trajectory therefore varies considerably. From 1 to 6 months.